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Stream in Jaipur, India 2019 will begin at 4pm on Wednesday 6 February and will finish Saturday 9 February.

The majority of each day is taken up with Discussion sessions. Lasting an hour each, Discussions are organised and led by participants, around topics of their choice.

With six sessions happening each day – and as many as ten sessions happening simultaneously – there are nearly a hundred different sessions.

In addition to the serious content, each day starts with sports and ends with an evening show – created and presented by the participants. Find out more about Stream Activities at the Activities page.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you spend your time at Stream in Jaipur, India 2019. It’s your choice what you learn, who you meet and how you contribute. Those who have been more than once are usually the busiest.


DAY 1 - Wed 6 February
 Time    Activity  
 12:00 -17:00   
 12:45-14:45 School Activity
 16:00 Registration
 16: 45 Discussion Boards Open
 17:15 Ladies Drinks
 18:00 Welcome
 18:30 Preview Show
 19:45 Ignite Talks
 21:00 Dinner @ Fairmont
 22:00 Stream Cinema
 01:00 Bar Closes

DAY 2 - Thurs 7 February
 Time  Activity  
 Breakfast, Sports & Wellness
 09:30 Main Stage Event 
 10:30 Discussions/ Workshops
 11:30 Discussions/ Workshops
 12:30 Lunch
 14:00 Main Stage Event
 15:00 Discussions/ Workshops
 16:00 Discussions/ Workshops
 17:00 Drinks on the Lawn
 18:30 Dinner @ City Palace
 01:00 Bar Closes

DAY 3 - Fri 8 February
 Time  Activity  
 Breakfast, Sports & Wellness
 10:00 Discussions/ Workshops
 11:00 Discussions/ Workshops
 12:00 Discussions/ Workshops
 13:00 Lunch
 14:00 Discussions/ Workshops
 15:00 Discussions/ Workshops
 16:00 Discussions/ Workshops
 17:00 Drinks on the Lawn
 18:30  Extravaganza & Vote of Thanks
 20:00 CookOut Prep
 Stream Band Followed by DJs 
 Dinner @ Fairmont Rear Lawns
 03:30 Bar Closes