The agenda for Stream in Jaipur, India 2019 is in your hands. There are six session times a day, hosted in nine different meeting spaces. Each session runs for 1 hour (give or take) and all sessions are led by you, the Stream participants. Here's how it works:

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Bharat Khatri


Keep Calm & Do Your Kaam!

Is Work-Life Balance a Myth or an Achievable Reality? We all have one life, and as technology continues to pervade, it will continue to be more difficult to separate personal & work life. Also, productivity and work quality are rapidly declining without rest and relaxation, so should we aim to attain this elusive middling state ? Maybe not, if we want to be great at anything ?

Roohneet Kaur

Marketing on the Cloud: Hype or reality?

Are you still 'cloudy' on how to take the first step? Or have you cut through the hype and really made cloud work for you? Join TARANG GOYAL as he shares his experiences on: - How marketing on cloud is driving business (not just media) metrics - Pushing data boundaries beyond attribution and measurement - Machine learning use cases across industries - Challenges and learnings in the Indian context

Srikanth Ramachandran

Moving Walls

Sharing and Caring in a connected world

The sharing economy has created unicorns like uber and airbnb. However the caring economy does not have a platform to connect need with excess. Is it time we brought together creativity, media, technology and communication industry together to create this platform ? Will jaipur streams provide the spark for this change to happen ? Do you care ?

Munish Dhiman

Gesture Research

Future of Human Machine Interaction

The Human Machine Interaction have been the same for last few decades. Now with the evolution of technology and the demand for alternative interaction mechanisms, the ruling time for machine user interface devices like Keyboard, mouse and touchscreens will come to an end soon. We will discuss details on how it will be like to interact with machines in future and what's happening already.

Deepika Nikhilender

Xaxis Asia-Pacific

Keep, Kill or Kreate - Roles in our industry

In today's every changing digitized world, we still have roles in our industry that are irrelevant and ineffective. Ideas to keep, kill or 'K'reate new roles for a structure that meets demands of 2020. What are your thoughts?

Marcus Herrmann


The end of digital advertising to kids & teens in India?

Once the Data Protection Bill becomes law, it will be illegal to track the under-18s online, making data collection, retargeting and remarketing impossible. What are the impact of the Bill for advertisers and brands targeting the under-18 demographics? How do you engage with an audience with such challenges?

Puneet Nagpal


The Badass Marketer!

As marketers – we tend to focus a lot on the tips, tools, tactics, and the latest shiny-thing. This session will do none of that. Instead, lets collectively explore - The mindsets, challenges, and satisfaction that today’s sophisticated marketers are experiencing both on and off the job. - Areas where we can learn from each other to become the best versions of ourselves.

Ambrish Chaudhry

The opportunity cost of financial illeteracy

Let's face it. The levels of financial literacy in society are appalling. What are we losing as a society because of this? As AI evokes talk of universal basic income does financial literacy become an even more coveted skill? How can communications help?

Ambrish Chaudhry

Superbowl lowdown

Which ads worked and why. Let's watch selected Superbowl ads and discuss where creativity in communications is heading.

Navonil Roy

Moving Walls

Finding Business Growth In Adjacent Spaces

As penetration rates taper, competition intensifies the business opportunity lies in Adjacent Spaces. How do you identify them ? Where is credible brand stretch ? How do you operationalise without impacting current business ?

Srikanth Ramachandran

Moving Walls

Earth, Digital's Final Frontier

It is a well known secret that we spend half our waking time looking down and the other half looking up. This is probably the reason why 25% of offline media investments are led by digital brands. However, should we measure the return on these investments ? Should we integrate offline to online ? Let us debate the why and how..

Kuntal Malia

The female economy: reality or myth ?

2018: #metoo , friendly budget, maternity laws, increased spending by BUT high dropout rates, violence, 'pink' marketing. What's our role as consumers and stakeholders in the years to come? How can we shape companies that we build, work in or consume from to be more inclusive?

Ira Trivedi

The written word

Are people still reading? In the age of social media, is the book dead. If so, what is the future of information exchange- audio, video, or something else?

Ira Trivedi


As we become more connected to others in the age of social media, are we getting disconnected from ourselves? How can we achieve balance?

Viral Oza

These mother-hoods... As crucial as a mother's love but as difficult to succeed in!

We've all heard such cliches before - - Leaders need more EQ and SQ than IQ to make a difference - Culture will eat strategy (& all else) for breakfast, lunch & dinner - Customer experience is the new mantra for loyalty - Brands must have a purpose to succeed… And we've probably rolled our eyes at the speaker! But wonder why they are so difficult to implement consistently? Why aren't there more great leaders, great cultures, great brands? Let's talk...

Shujoy Dutta


AI: Should we fear it, learn from it, partner it or run away?

Every year Machine Learning jumps forward. Futurists claim the Singularity is near. On the other hand despite knowing so much about us, we spend mornings shift-deleting spam messages. What happens next: Does Machine Intelligence use humans as pets or do we use it to get smarter?

Roohneet Kaur

Cloud for Marketing discussion

Hosted by Tarang Goyal

Viren Vijayashankar


Ratings for alcohol in India. The need of the hour!

Ratings for alcohol in India. The need of the hour!

Viren Vijayashankar


Can the Thanos Theory help decongest Indian roads?

Roohneet Kaur

Reimagining Creative with Digital

Hosted by Haani Mirza

Peter Dart


In a world where many companies and brands seem to be jumping on the purpose band wagon which ones are getting it right, which are getting it wrong, is it good for business, who wins, and where do we go from here?

Kent Wertime


From cyber addiction, binge watching, and social shaming, to online bullying, digital is clearly altering they way kids grow up. Is the next generation getting irreparably altered and harmed? Are greater restrictions required? If so, what will really work? Or are the concerns over-stated, and children need to prepare for an inevitable, and different digital future?

Kanika Mittal


The 'Purpose' of Purpose Led Marketing - How right or wrong is it for brands to disrupt or align with changing culture ?

Reasoning - Nike controversy, Gillette highly criticised but why, Airbnb discrimination charges resulting in #WeAccept.

Pete Beeney

What will Streaming mean for music consumption in India?

Join Spotify for a discussion about how the rise of streaming may change music listening habits in India, and what effect streaming music’s rise in India could have on the global recorded music industry.

Hareesh Tibrewala

What is the Future of Humankind

So what is the future of humankind ? So far evolution on this planet has been by the Darwanian principle of natural selection. But for the first time now, the human species has the capability of editing the DNA and creating a new species. So what will the next species look like ? And in this age of AI, will machines actually start dominating humans ? Will lot of mankind be without work in the next few decades ? In a machine-dominated world, are political borders any more relevant ? Or will all these tech developments, enable mankind of actual start intergalactic travel and start colonising other stars. Come, let us discuss your thoughts on the "Future of Humankind".

Sunita Kaur

Have we reached peak screen?

With the stratospheric rise of voice activated devices, as well as an increasing focus on the negative effects of screen time, have we reached an inflection point of the time we spend looking at screens? Join Spotify for a debate about what diminishing screen time could mean for brands and how they effectively communicate with consumers.

Ramgopal Iyer


O Womaniya!

How women have become a vital part in planning content on digital

Taranjeet Singh


Has hyperlocal become the new national?

How digital is breaking the barriers of boundaries in content

Puneet Nagpal


The Badass Marketer!

As marketers – we tend to focus a lot on the tips, tools, tactics, and the latest shiny-thing. This session will do none of that. Instead, lets collectively explore The mindsets, challenges, and satisfaction that today’s sophisticated marketers are experiencing both on and off the job, Areas where we can learn from each other to become the best versions of ourselves.

Maneesh Sharma


Will AI kill creativity?

With increasing influence of AI in creativity, Is the last bastion of humanity at risk?

Riddhima Minocha

The Trade Desk

Armchair Activists #clickheretosavetheworld

From re-tweeting, #hashtagging, re-sharing to themed profile pictures, what kind of positive impact are people creating without actually leaving the armchair? Is this the generation of slacktivism?

Siddharth Banerjee


Scroll. WOW Buy. What will you say if you could talk to 2 billion people (at the same time)?

Mobile has not only ushered in a new era of consumption for people, it's given marketers a new canvas to tell stories. So why then are marketers building for mobile under the constraints of briefs and media plans built for other mediums, such as TV and print? How can we as an industry break conventional norms and redefine storytelling and campaign planning now that the thumb is in charge?

Vishal Goel

Rajasthan Patrika

How personalization leads to homogeneity. Is engagement really that personal?

Lets examine the role of personalization in programming people as products. Let’s consider how personalization of inputs—stimuli, choice architecture, message, inducement—enables standardization of outputs—response, behavior, beliefs and even people.

Ramakrishnan K

Kantar World Panel

Is India going to be a land of regional/ local brands

The growth of regional brands particularly in FMCG has seen far higher growths than global brands. This trend is getting more and more hyperlocal. Is this a trend to stay or is it a passing phase?

Rajeev Dhal


Can you survive without access to the appstore?

Email is the gatekeeper for app stores, ever wondered what happens in the life of mobile first users? Are they missing out, since they are restricted from the $100Bn apps club!!

Akshay Mathur

Camera- the new way to communicate

First we had symbols, then books and letters, and then came chat groups and e-mails. Next up is – the camera. Does the new way of communication through visuals really improve the way people are connecting? Is it easier to show than tell?

Deepa Jatkar

Connecting Passions to Businesses

Instagram is all about community coming together on passions. But how do businesses tap into this?

Saurabh Bhandari

Emerging Regional Markets - The epitome of growth in the next decade

How are brands leveraging the strengths of of tier III, IV markets and enhancing performance

Praveen Malhotra

Traditional Media weds online

It will be a compilation of videos that are being shot with eminent media and brand marketers . The thought is to understand and establish how the new will coexist with the old.

Anuradha Kini

Rajasthan Patrika

Original Content Platform

Multimedia and Integrated Solution Pitch for a new Hindi OTT Platform Release for Rajasthan & their key markets with a Game of Thrones theme or Sacred Games theme to tie it all in.

Satyajit Deb Roy

Rajasthan Patrika

Regional Media- The next thing

It is the time for all brands to stand up and take notice of the huge potential that regional media has, with expected reach of 500 million users , Urban India is expected to slow down, while rural India with only 18% mobile penetration is clearly the next area of growth.

Meena Sharma

Rajasthan Patrika

Sutra aur Sutradhar: Of Stories and Narrators

Three eminent Hindi writers speak of the back stories behind their narratives and the circumstances in which they were written alongside the borderlines of journalism and fiction, and how they influence and inspire each other.

Giriraj Sharma

Rajasthan Patrika

Fake News and its challenges

Fake News - On social networks, the reach and effects of information spread occur at such a fast pace and so amplified that distorted, inaccurate or false information acquires a tremendous potential to cause real world impacts, within minutes, for millions of users.

Reena Mishra

Microsoft Corporation India Private Limited

Workplace of the Future

What will be the offices look like in 2025. Will there be people working from home/ coffee shops/ Cabs. The changing workplace will be the result of various factors at play :- -Economics -Cultural -Technology , The implication of AI & 5G -Organizational Behavior

Peter Neve

Can lead generation become more intelligent?

Is it possible to utilise a range of existing market data sources and to analyse with AI to make lead generation more predictive and intelligent? The result would be to complement existing targeted lead generation campaigns with sales opportunity prediction.

Ayaz Basrai

The Busride Design

Only Beauty Survives

Could it be that by it's very nature, Beauty encourages stewardship, additional care or even longevity? Why do beautiful babies across species have specific characteristics? Why do some structures survive, and others perish? Why do we find junk markets intuitively attractive? What can we do to our built environment today to make sure we use Beauty as a prime planning characteristic? Will this transform our built-scape? Does this idea apply across different professions?

Surya AV

Is Indian patriarchal system slowing-down the middle-class consumers?

Controlled finances, centralised-decisions, power-centered families appear to be clearly restricting the female consumers from making free choices. What could be the real potential of Indian-middle class if we recreate the markets through communication and distribution that beats this big systemic barrier? And what is the social impact of such marketing initiatives?

Devika Jajoo

WPP Stream

A Checklist for Starting a Startup

Now that you have an idea for building something of your own, how do you get started? Lets brainstorm an actionable checklist together.

Devika Jajoo

WPP Stream

Do we choose our choices?

How do we form opinions? What we see and hear gives us a nudge towards a certain conclusion. Sometimes we are not even aware that our subconscious mind has drawn conclusions (which we call ‘preconceived notions’). But are you aware of your inherent biases? And how do we redesign a world which accounts for our fallibility and nudges us towards a more objective worldview?

Anurag Bhatnagar

A matter of privacy and free speech

In the age where data is being freely distributed by our own volition, does privacy really matter? We choose to post photos, visibly demonstrate our live locations, take pride in our ability to exhibit and expose our lives, should privacy then matter? This conversation also extends to our ability or inability handle conversations. The definition of free speech is morphed, twisted and perverted to suit political ambitions, radical rouge elements and even marketers. Do we need boundaries? How do we evolve? Does it make a difference? Should we just get off FB / Instagram / Twitter?...I know I did!

Amandeep Singh


Can your business be a Subscription based Business?

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Uber Pass, Spotify, Furlenco, Zomato Gold, The Ken - These are subscription based businesses. Can your business - product or service be turned into a subscription? Or let us simply challenge ourselves on which business you think cannot be turned into one? And prove it wrong?

Vasuta Agarwal

The Future of the Content-over-content (CoC) Wave in Bharat

Content-over-content (CoC) captured the imagination of ‘Bharat’ in 2018. Millions and millions of first-time internet users took to Chinese apps such as TikTok, Vigo and Musically, promoting a new world of content, creators and communities. A world of vernacular, content layered on original content and short videos. What are the similarities between China and Bharat in terms of culture and their digital economies that is driving this? What are the characteristic traits of Bharat that are expediting this phenomenon? How will CoC shape the future for consumers, brands and Bharat as a whole?

Varun Duggirala

The Glitch

Do we focus too much on video and not enough on audio when it comes to our content plans?

Audio as a medium is often spoken about but isn’t yet a clear focus interms of the content marketing pie. Are we missing a trick by not seeing the hidden value behind the numbers when it comes to audio content development in the marketing pie?

Marcus Ranney

Is well-being the new religion of the 21st century?

In our search for leading a better life, the thirst for well-being has become the ultimate goal. But what exactly does well-being mean? and how can its disciples be set on a path towards thriving?

Marcus Ranney

Is work-life balance even possible?

We might have become better at pushing ourselves and squeezing more and more work into our lives to chase the holy grail of work-life balance. But can our work and our desire to live be balanced on a beam? Are they two separate categories that mustn't interact, or have we been incorrectly taught about how to live and work?

Partha Sarathy

What we say and what we do - is the gap growing wider?

Consumer insight has always been an intuitive meshing of claimed data and behavioural data. With diminishing & fragmented attention, and brand loyalty powered more by inertia than by choice, are claimed data & behaviour moving further apart? Seek a provocative exchange of ideas!!

Shashank Sanket

Shell India

The sweet spot between waste, fuel and climate change!

The world consumes a lot - of both food and energy. And the needs are ever increasing. What comes with this consumerism, is climate change and loads of waste generated. To ease it a bit, we have all the technology in the world - from rudimentary to most advanced ones that convert the waste we generate into fuel we burn. But wait, there is something missing! And the missing link is commerciality and right business models. How can we make this circular economy a reality, and help fight the most challenging battle of all times - climate change?

Rahul Bagwe

ISDI WPP School of Communication

Too distracted to work: How digital media will affect the workplace?

A 2012 McKinsey study found that the average worker in our knowledge economy now spends more than 60 percent of the workweek engaged in electronic communication, Internet searching and social media. What does that mean for the future with increased internet speed? How organisations will ensure quality work with the downside of ubiquitous multimedia?

Varun Duggirala

The Glitch

Is Indian SCI-FI ( or rather the lack of it) the unrealised goldmine for brands

SCI fi has always been the one genre that brings with the most interesting and culturally wide reaching avenues for brands to be a part of pop culture for the future. Are we missing a trick?

Ambrish Chaudhry

Does marketing need to ‘get over itself’ to create brands that businesses and customers truly care about?

Differentiation, brand purpose, segmentation. For marketers, agencies, brand builders these seem sacred. Yet, when most past assumptions in business are coming under scrutiny, shouldn’t these as well? The success of rapidly emergent brands (and not only in the tech space) seem to suggest that these concepts may be less relevant. Informed self-interest, authenticity, even a bit of naivete and idealism seem to be the currency of these brands. We've all seen brand keys, brand onions etc but if marketing's perception within business is to be more than the 'colouring-in department’ then should we start by defining our brands differently and in a manner that's relevant (and sensible) to the whole organisation?

Romi Mahajan

KKM Group

Can we reclaim Marketing from the ROI zealots?

Marketing was once the province of creative people whose gravitas and artistry swayed people, audiences, communities, and buyers. Now, it has degenerated into a myopic, channel-first-thought-later, pseudo-science. Those of us who love the profession must reclaim it by recreating a new language and a new set of processes that at once accommodate the modern world and simultaneously promote creativity and risk-taking over the false-quant philosophy that has taken over.

Ruchira Jaitly


The 'woke moment' for brands - is political correctness overtaking genuine brand conversations

When Purpose is the new insight, is the need to sound and project socially adept and politically correct overtaking genuine conversations with consumers. The furor over the recent Gillette communication is only the latest and certainly not the last such episode. How does one navigate this landscape anymore?

Insia Lacewalla

Tackling Mental Health in the work space

As mental health is becoming a topic of discussion amongst the millennials, it is a problem that is slowly creeping into the work space? Where does it rise from and how to tackle it in a professional environment

Rohit Raj

Do Data Science Experts make for better spouses?

IN this age where data seems to be driving all conversations and decisions, lets sit down to discuss if data driven decisions can actually impact one of the most simple yet complicated relationships, marriage. Or as the skeptics say, is intuition > data?

Manoj Mansukhani

Wunderman Thompson

Are we call addicts?

How long can you go without a connection to the digital world? When was the last time you disconnected? Is it time now to take the necessary steps to cut down our dependency on being connected?

Anant Rangaswami


I hope my grandchild becomes a dog-walker

There are a number of new 'professions' that have cropped up in the past decade, spurred by new found wealth and, consequently, new found 'badges'. Dogs are cool badges. The more esoteric the dog, the cooler the badge. But who walks the dog? Not the owner, because walking the dog is time-consuming, tiring and, er, messy. Dog walking is NOT cool. Enter my grandchild, the highly paid dog-walker.

Vijay Singh

FoxStar Studios India

Are Film/Content Studios the Creative Ad Agencies of the Future ?

The Digital Opportunity will trigger more change in the next 10 years than we have seen in the last 25 years ! Will the Digital Opportunity kill Cinemas , TV & Ad/Creative Agencies ? What will Advertisers do if all the eyeballs on Digital Platforms are in an Ad free environment ?

Oshin Katulkar

Shell India

Integrated Solutions for Rural Communities

What are the various ways to enable public-private partnerships for accelerating socio-economic development of rural communities and also opening up highly untapped rural markets for the private sector?

Oshin Katulkar

Shell India

The world of Hydrogen

What is the role of hydrogen in the future of Indian energy sector - in mobility, in commercial and in industrial segments?

Devika Jajoo

WPP Stream

Is AI induced irrelevance the new epidemic for humanity?

If we can barely comprehend the new technologies, then how do we regulate their explosive potential? Already today, computers have made the financial system so complicated that few humans can understand it. As AI improves, we might soon reach a point when no humans can make sense of finance anymore. What will that do to the political process? Can you imagine a government that waits humbly for an algorithm to approve its budget?

Kim Anderson

Responsible marketing

As marketers should we take on more responsibility in shaping our clients products to be more environmentally conscious and socially responsible. For example, the packaging of drinks and food in plastic; reusable batteries, plastic versus wooden toys etc.

Ranjini Ramachandran

The Lines that are Invisible Lines

Channan and I will be discussing the lines that are invisible lines. Because not knowing them as we're all aware, causes loss to individuals, their families and organisations. So what are we as individuals and brands doing about this?

Pooja Jauhari

The Glitch

Love at the work place - rules of engagement

Given the stretch on work-life balance should finding a short term or long term partner with people you work with not be frowned upon? What are the rules?

Gowthaman Ragothaman


Is Blockchain a solution looking for a problem?

They hype cycle is over. ICOs are down. Tokens are not attractive anymore. But few companies like Alibaba, IBM and Mastercard have more than 50+ patents on this technology. There are at least 6 governments looking to integrate this technology to build their Smart Nation. This is one technology where experts are not fence sitters any more. A few believe in it. And the rest think this is useless. Which side are you?

Sanjay Mehta

Embracing minimalism: the why, the how, the challenges..

An increasing number of people have started to "think" about minimalism. But what about the hordes of stuff that you already own? And the lure of the new gadgets and the need to look cool and the family that still wants to acquire new stuff. So how does one get to the path of minimalism then?

Anant Rangaswami


Repairs, renovation and refurbishment will be back.

Once upon a time, furniture, cars and white goods were bought in the belief that they would last a lifetime. In the past two decades, the durability has gone out of durables and everything is thrown away after a few years. My premise: we will all try and extend the lives of our investments. As a result, the there will be money to be made by experts who can provide 'repair' services.

Lulu Raghavan

Brand YOU in an era of radical transparency

Building your brand has never been easier. Destroying your brand has never been easier either! What is the value of your personal brand today? Does it play a role in propelling your ambitions? Cannit help or hurt? We will have a lively and provocative debate on whether you should proactively build your brand or stay under the radar. Is it really an either/or? Which is better for your career? We will also look at some celebrated examples of personal brands including Brand Narendra Modi, Brand Jeff Bezos, Brand Sheryl Sanders, Brand Elon Musk amongst others.

Kunal Jeswani

Who is going to win the next General Election, and why?

A couple of months after Stream, India will vote again in the next General Election. Who will win, and why? What is the data telling us? What do you hear in conversations with friends? What do hear on social media? What do you hear in the cities? What do you hear in the different states? What do you hear in the villages? Are you connected to India? Can you read India? Which brand will the Indian consumer choose? Get a cup of tea and let's talk!

Lizzy Dale


The Plastic Problem

Each year, 400m tonnes of plastic is produced and 40% of that is single-use -plastic we'll only use once before it's binned. More than 8m tonnes of plastic enters the world's oceans each year and most of that escapes from land. Experts think that by 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will weigh more than the amount of fish. Isn't that sad?! Birds, fish and shellfish can mistake plastic for food and a lot of animals are dying. Are we collectively doing enough? From innovations in recycling, to government initiatives, to businesses/capitalism taking responsibility, to individuals changing their lifestyles? How can we stop this GLOBAL issue - ON MASS? Come and debate this hot topic with me!

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