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The Extravaganza

The extravaganza is the quickest way to introduce yourself to the 350+ other guests. How? On centre state with a captive audience you have 2-4 minutes to impress. It could be a feat of achievement, a song, a Bollywood dance, or the deadline you’ve always needed to learn a new skill. Applause guaranteed. Add an idea below or click here to join a group. Here are some ideas to get you started:

PowerPoint Karaoke

We have 5 slots for the infamous Power Point Karaoke. The rule? Present a deck of 15 slides that you’ve never seen before as fluently as if it were a pitch. The theme is of your choosing, you just need to make what you see on the slides make sense… Sign up below.


At Stream we are serious about music. Sign up below to throw your hat in the ring to join us at the decks.

Surprise us…

We’ve seen it all. Magicians. Drones. Karaoke. A stuntman once set himself on fire. What haven’t we seen? If you can show us something genuinely new… there’ll be glory. All ideas below please.