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Be a Volunteer, Serve Underserved Children!

We welcome YOU to join us in our effort of supporting the youth of India, by engaging with students of Shri Balaji Shiksha Mandir - a senior secondary school in the remote village of Pili ki Talai, Jaipur. The students of the school are mostly first generation learners with parents who work as plumbers, electricians and daily wage labourers.
The School Activity takes place on Wednesday 6th Feb from 12 noon – 3pm where you can participate in the following activities:

Mural Wall Painting

Lead by the renowned artist Brinda Miller, an internationally acclaimed artist, students and delegates will work together to paint a mural wall in the school’s veranda. This activity will not only give students an opportunity to learn painting techniques, but also empower them with the idea that they too can upgrade and beautify their environment.
[10 places available, click here to enrol]

Digital Workshop - Robotics
In this activity, students and delegates (with the help of a facilitator) will build and programme a robot to navigate through various obstacles and take an object/child to a safe zone. Students will learn basic programming; apply measurement and geometry to calculate navigation; interpret sensor feedback and calculate thresholds. Most importantly they will get familiarised with an innovative technology and critical thinking.
[5 places available, click here to enrol]
Organic Farming
Students of this school come from families who were historically farmers and have had to change their professions due to changing climatic and economic conditions. In this activity delegates will work with the students to plant seeds and saplings in a small patch of land within the school premises. This will serve as a reminder of the important role their families played as the agrarian community of India, and in turn encourage them to grow and eat healthy food.
[10 places available, click here to enrol]

Engaging with Local Craftsmen
We want to incubate a sense of pride in these students, for where they come from. In this activity, local craftsmen pioneering in pottery, bangle and puppet making will engage with students and delegates to familiarise them with the techniques and traditions.
[10 places available, click here to enrol]