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Stream USA 2018 has been!  Thanks to all those who joined us. 

Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th November, 2018

Welcome to Stream USA, the WPP network of creative, marketing and technology leaders.

In November, we convene a small group of CEOs, CMOs, friends and partners of WPP for three-days debate on the future of communications, creativity and business in the USA. There are no keynote speeches -- no PowerPoint presentations -- no boredom. Instead, we bring together an eclectic mix of clients, partners, media owners, start-ups, VCs, artists, musicians, WPP agencies and beyond.

Previous participants include Sheryl Sandberg, Anderson Cooper, Matthew Weiner, Jack Dorsey, Daniel Ek, Lachlan Murdoch, Marissa Meyer, Jeff Weiner, Shane Smith and Nassim Taleb alongside leaders from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Adobe, Twitter, Microsoft, IBM, Alibaba, American Express, Avon, BAC, BlackRock, Chanel, Danone, Dell, Diagio, IBM, L’Oreal, NBC, Nestle PepsiCo, Samsung, Shell, Unilever and Visa among others.

Discussion highlights from last year include: “Will there be advertising when machines make purchasing decisions?”; “The Human Side of AI: Westworld or Big Hero 6?”; “Everyone Shouts Everyone Lies: Media Literacy in a Distracted World”; “Stop the rot, how to attract better and brighter people into public services”.

This year will be... who knows?... it hasn't happened yet.

But we do know the result, everyone present will leave Stream with the very best access and insights to inform the future development of all our businesses.

Stream works because its success depends entirely on those attending - so it’s by invitation only. There’s no cost to attend, full-board for three-nights is included in the invitation.

The dates this year, are Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th November, 2018, at the Ojai Resort and Spa, one-hour drive north of Los Angeles.

To nominate yourself, or someone else to attend Stream USA, email us.

What they say

“Inspiring scions!” Sophia Amoruso, GirlBoss
“The best event I have been to in an age” Joshua Spanier, Google
“Stream was incredible! Now, I totally get the unconference...amazing” Janet Balis, E&Y

“Stream was great! Authentic, relevant, quality” Karine Timpone, Marriott
“Profound and inspiring” Greg Richman, Skyjet
“Better ideas, wrapped up in bigger stories, told by brilliant people” Jonathan Mildenhall, Airbnb

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