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Stream South Africa 2023 will begin at [TODO] and will finish [TODO].

MorningArrivals & RegistrationDiscussionsBreakfast & Departures
AfternoonPreview & DiscussionsDiscussions 
EveningThe Extravaganza &
Midnight Cooking Madness
The Pitch & Ignite Talks 

As an (un)conference – there is only a very loose schedule at Stream-South-Africa-2023.

The majority of each day is taken up with Discussion sessions. Lasting an hour each, Discussions are organised and led by participants, around topics of their choice.

With six sessions happening each day – and as many as ten sessions happening simultaneously – there are nearly a hundred different sessions at Stream-South-Africa-2023.

In addition to the serious content, each day starts with sports and ends with an evening show – created and presented by the participants. Find out more about Stream Activities at the Activities page.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you spend your time at Stream-South-Africa-2023. It’s your choice what you learn, who you meet and how you contribute. Those who have been more than once are usually the busiest.