The agenda for Stream LATAM 2017 is in your hands. There are six session times a day, hosted in nine different meeting spaces. Each session runs for 1 hour (give or take) and all sessions are led by you, the Stream participants. Here's how it works:

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Paula Rey

What can CPG companies learn from startups and tech companies’ organizational structures.

Our marketing structures and operating models seem to be too slow to meet current business needs but also to meet employees career aspirations. What can we learn from startups? How can we reinvent?

enor paiano

Catching up on ketchup

Is social listening a viable source of brand insights? Lets take a popular category such as "ketchup" and do a test - what can we learn with a quick, inexpensive social media search? Are the results valid - or even useful?

Giuliano Chiaradia

2036 The Story that will be told

AI, IOT, BlockChain, Machine Learn... With so many technologies around, what's the next narrative?

Manuela Seve

Communicating without words

How to approach social and environmental issues in an innovative and easy language? Using the arts to break taboo, and create awareness.

Tatiana Melani Tosi

Data Ethics in Digital Memory

The importance towards data leaks and data lakes in the consumer behavior

Fefa Romano

Everyone is drowning

The world is changing fast. Too fast. Technology has evolved in a pace much faster than our biology and now we cannot keep up. There are a few principles that we can try to live by: openness, flexibility, curiosity. We should all understand as much of the world as we can in order to try and navigate it, we should try to make it better and we need to take responsibility. Shall we discuss how to best do that?

Fefa Romano

We can start it all over

We will go to Mars. Sure, we will stop by the moon first, but, very soon, we will go to Mars. It's a chance for a new beginning. What can we do differently in order to be a true "new" society?

omer kalderon

Living like a Digital Nomad

Do you want to become a digital nomad just so you can run your office from the beach? Join this discussion about the life of Digital Nomads, what it takes to be one and the different possibilities of becoming one.

Rodrigo Helcer


How artificial intelligence can really energize marketing & communication professionals to excel in creativy, vision, strategy and efficiency? From a group of brilliant minds @ Stream something real & powerful may emerge.

Rodrigo Helcer

$$$ DATA MINES $$$: If Data is the new Oil, where should we place our drills?

How about an exchange of visions, experiences and hunches around the new data mines of next three years? Where are they hidden in organizations? How should we dig deep for it? What value do they unveil for Enterprises?

Tai Nalon

Fake News, social media & AI

What are the challenges and what's been made in order to automatically spread trustworthy content on social media. How fact-checkers are tackling disinformation on Facebook, Twitter and such. How can society and enterprises collaborate with them.

Rodrigo Helcer

MACHINE TEACHING: Challenges in AI from a different perspective

2013: A false tweet from a hacked account owned by the Associated Press (AP) costs 138 Billions for S&P 500 indec 2014: Propublica reveals software used across USA to predict future criminals is biased against blacks. 2016: In 24hra a 'teen girl' bot flops and harms Microsoft AI reputation after it became Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours 2018: First death caused by and self-driving car Last days: Last days: Google Duplex astonishes the tech world with a whole new level of personal assistants. Machine Learning is the new buzz. But little is discussed about Machine Teaching. A new world of risks and biz opportunities unfolds from the counter side of Machine Learning. With impacts in Marketing & Comm Competencies, skills, ethics, educational efforts, new carrers, crisis prevention from Machine "fiascos" and whole new challenges ahead. Come exchange & incite different point of views about this perspectives!

Tarcizio Silva

Marketing(People) Research 2020

Vamos deixar de falar sobre tendências e falar sobre ações: como construiremos a compreensão de pessoas e marketing em dois anos? Vamos debater como juntar inteligência artificial, “big data”, “small data” e métodos tradicionais de pesquisa para entender não só marketing, mas as pessoas de 2020. ///// Let’s stop talking about trends and start talking about actions: how will we build the marketing and people understanding two years from now? Come talk to us about gathering together artificial intelligence, “big data”, small data, traditional research and ways of understanding not only marketing, but the people of 2020.

Ruben Feffer

Music for Brazilian Animated Feature Films (Boy and the World / Tito and the Birds)

- Made in Brazil: How independent animated films from Brazil are “making noise” all over the World (and getting all the way to the Oscars!) - Music Tells the Story: concepts for creating powerful musical scores - Miracle Making: how to use technology to deal with budget and schedule constraints and to maximize sound unity on complex musical projects.

Pedro Ramos

Law & Innovation: challenges in AI, Internet Platforms and Online Media

The clashes between law and innovation are known for decades. While regulation has widely been regarded as a barrier for innovators, History shows that judges, lawyers and regulators played an important role in fostering some of the most transformative technologies of our time. This discussion invites participants to discuss the opportunities and challenges involving topics such as Data Protection, Fake News, AI and Algorithm Bias.

Osvaldo Barbosa de Oliveira

Corporate Innovation: how to separate theatre from real impact?

Hackathons, Innovation Labs, Accelerator, Incubation, Ideas contest, Intrapreneur program, Corporate Venture, Silicon Valley tour, blah, blah, blah, blah… What really works and what is Innovation Theatre to entertain CEO and boards? How to be effective and aligned with business objectives?

Marcelo Bicudo

Design for X = design for everything or design for excellence

Great national and international companies as Embraer or Apple, among others global players uses the concept of design for assembly to build up innovation or new products. Even design thinking is under Df(X) umbrella. How it works and how we can apply this to communication industry, using the concept of concurrent engineering to do integrated projects, faster, better and cheaper.

Ana Hernandes

Adapting corporate culture to permanent change

Disruption in consumer, tech, IoT, AI, narratives in ultra segmented audiences: how to learn and teach our employees and even clients to manage and create for this new digital environment? How to truly jump from "we need to adapt to change" speech to action? I'd love to discuss and share how to promote cultural change in traditional biz models, without paralyzing the system and depreciating final product.

Ariel Traverso

"We need permanent rebellion"

Let´s talk about the permanent changing, movement, disruptive innovation even when!? I love contribute to discusse my experience from ARG.

Ricardo Glaz

Growth Hacking 101 | Desmistificando Growth

Let's talk about new methodologies, tools and strategies on consumer growth and lead generation. Unconventional and conventional ways to optimize user growth through online and offline channels, performance and organic methods.

JEFFERSON Meneses Silva

The Age of Digital Influencers - A era dos Digital Influencers

Let's talk about Digital Influencers, and the Impact of Social Midias as Youtube as business and communication tools. --- PTBR ---Vamos conversar sobre Digital Influencers, e o impacto da utilização das redes sociais como o Youtube, pelos digital influencers como ferramenta de Negócios e comunicação social.

Paulo Loeb

B2B is cool!

Some people see it as "The Ugly Duckling" tale. Others see a Blue Ocean. Where are you? Let's talk about great opportunities in B2B. We created a dedicated unit within Fbiz that almost doubled in size and revenues in 2017.

Tatiana Melani Tosi

GDPR Compliance in Personal Data and the Ad Industry

The importance to apply the GDPR regulations in the media and the consumer journey will change reflecting in new behavioral codes.

Luis Felipe Baptista Luz

Corporate Venture Capital and Venture Builders

What better way for large companies to foster disruptive innovation? But how to overcome the (many) legal challenges around it? I can contribute to the discussion with my experience as an attorney that has been doing that in Brazil for the past five years.

Alexandre Stuber

All companies are tech companies, or at least they should be.

Why and how we can change the mindset of established companies on how to use technology as a habit instead of one time projects.

Gian Martinez

Data-Driven Entertainment

How to use data to build successful entertainment strategies.

Roberto Iervolino

What is eSports? Is it a Sport? Should I care?

It started as a neighborhood videogame tournament at the local Internet Cafe, and today it fills stadiums and reaches 30+ millions unique viewers. eSports can't be ignored, so one should at least have an informed view about it.

Andre Ferraz

Privacy in the IoT era

Given the recent data breaches at Facebook, Uber, and Equifax, and new regulations such as GDPR, privacy is a topic that is increasingly gaining relevance. The IoT era will increase connectivity and data volumes in some orders of magnitude, and the importance of privacy as a topic that should be taken more seriously.

Juan Carlos Samper

Advertisers as Publishers

Content Marketing helps brand to become publishers. How will be the role for the agencies and brands to be succesfull in this new game.

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