The Tech Lab

Welcome to the Stream Tech lab – the home of drones, 3D printers, robots, digital art, games and more. It’s here that we get to play with homemade devices, demo the latest Xbox games, print printers and play mind control games.

But we need your HELP. What is the greatest and best invention you’ve seen in the last 12 months? What game are you desperate to get your hands on? What bit of kit have you seen reviewed but never touched?

Thanks to our partners we can get our hands on most things. You just have to tell us what you want to see. We’ll demo the tech to the full Stream audience, with amazing prizes and a very sensitive clap-o-metre.

Add your homemade, shop-bought or wish-list ideas below. 

Francis Carrero

WPP Data Alliance

Fireside Chat with Sophia the Robot

I recently saw an interview with Sophia the Robot and actor Will Smith flirting with her! To my surprise she responded to the flirting and put him in the "friend zone". It'd be quite interesting to have a fireside chat with Sophia and better understand her human like characteristics how she makes decisions. What are her thoughts on AI in society, does she have favorite movies and music genres?

Manuela Seve

VR LAB With standalone oculus

Tests of VR integrations using solely the processing power of oculus go, facebook's new stand alone hardware. How to plug into existing interfaces and api usages to add vr & ar to existing websites and apps.


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