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Rizki Adithia

Impression or Conversion ?

When most of digital media nowadays can help advertiser to reach conversion as a final goal, does impression still matters ? #BODwillaskforROI

Winzendy Tedja

I’d rather stay home and chill

With so many on demand services and better same day delivery, bricks and mortars becomes very quiet. How are you going to get customers to discover your brands? How are you going to convince them to experience/try your products? If you’re in brick & mortar, how are you planning to solve this?

Wee Leng Tay

Packaging - Is it consumed or is it wasted?

The physical material of packaging creates much waste - how much of it was consumed? How valuable is the effect of packaging on branding and consumer satisfaction?

Poon Wen Ang

Inclusive Everything

What is inclusivity to you? Where can you apply it? How can we implement it?

Pangeran Siahaan

The Rise of Podcast and Its Commercial Prospect

The podcast fever finally arrives in Indonesia. Still a relatively niched media platform, we saw the numbers of podcast creators and listeners increased significantly in the past year. Is podcast a bankable platform yet? If it’s not, what does it take to make it so?

Derek Tan


Discuss the roles of storytelling in advertising and it’s impact

Abraham Auzan


How community based innovation help improving pregnant mom condition in the remote area? How technology and communication impacting behavioural changes of midwives and mom in remote area to change their healthy lifestyle.

Ummu Hani

Resonating themes to create most loved Ramadhan ads

Brands have a huge opportunity to reach consumers during the festive period and they are competing to catch attention through various themes and unique ideas. But how can we break the clutter with resonating themes?

Steve Wirawan

Content and its impact to our society

Given abundant platforms that provide range of content to our society nowadays, how has this content shaped our mind? Are the contents good enough to add knowledge and contribute to the overall well being of the person? Or on the contrary, it’s making people less mindful and making them more negatively addicted to the superficial content?

Willis Turner Henry

Quantifying Quality

How to push the level of creative and branding quality in business in the price-sensitive society like Indonesia? How to quantify the investment when it doesn't give an immediate result?

Rendria Labde

How can we justify progress vs long term damage?

Humans are known for progress. Technology is the term. But, as a consequences of our progress, the world health has apparently regress. How can we justify the "progress" that we are making is the best decision for all of human kind?

Eldon D'Cruz

Are marketers prepared for the mainstreaming of right-wing populism ?

As rightwing populism grows in the west & east and young dynamic leaders spearhead today’s nascent movements and perhaps tomorrows mainstream thinking – are we as marketers prepared for this shift? What goes into appealing to this segment – often known as the silent majority but no more. What can we learn from the successful election campaign of Trump and other right wing parties or leaders here in the east? Would love to hear different opinion as well as any successful marketing cases from markets where rightwing populism is taking root.

Shrivardhan Sarda

Programmatic TV

What is programmatic TV? What are the channels/devices under programmatic tv? What are consumers watching on programmatic tv? What is addressable TV?

Daniel Comar

Is brand experience the new UX?

UX is evolving from screens out to the world. What if everything around you was your canvas? What can we learn from the digital world to apply to all type of offline and online brand experiences?

Daniel Comar

Can behavioural sciences make us better creatives?

From the beginning, creatives have mastered analogies, metaphors, emotion and humour to tell better stories for brands. Now, in the age of ‘story-doing’ vs story-telling, what can we learn from behavioural sciences to come up with ideas that get people to participate and experience the brand rather than passively watch ads?

Sunetro Lahiri

Mining Millennials - Retaining millennial talent in the new milieu

In an age where fickle is the new constant, how does an industry mine into a generation that's increasingly socially aware, perceptive of work-life balance and cognizant of not actively seeking high-stress environments?

andreas moellmann

Are we already living in a simulation?

Fake news, deepfakes and alternative facts, opinion bubbles and echo chambers... have we already created a virtual reality by the way we influence and confirm our perception of reality today? Chem trails, anti-vaxxers, flat-earthers... they question the truthfulness of our reality. Everything seems possible today. Who would be surprised if aliens land tomorrow? What is REAL seems more in question than ever. This discussion is about the changing perceptions of reality and how people, companies and brands can and should respond.

Rohit Vaswani

How to prevent losing talent to local agencies and start ups

The growing number of start ups and local agencies threatens our ability to retain our talent. Looking to discuss solutions to this problem beyond offering a higher salary.

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