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Ken Tan

Ad Verifications including Viewability is a passe topic now so what are people talking about in measurements today?

The hottest topics around digital measurements in the last few streams were viewability, ad fraud and brand safety but these are done and dusted. What's in vogue now - Video measurements? X-media measurements? OTT and IOT measurements? Let's chat about the pressing measurements needs in the digital ecosystem today and how close we are in making those measurements happen.

Farina Fairuza


God only needs to look once at your mobile to judge you!

Indonesia is a mobile-first country, with more than 80% of the internet users are online using mobile phone. With so much time spent on mobile, what can your mobile really speak about you? Are smartphones becoming mini digital version of you? (Presented by: Tyson, Telkomsel MSight Senior Data Analyst and Product Consultant)

Daniel Tumiwa


Marketing. O2O, crowd sourced, shared economy.

Recently i launched my latest hypothesis called ADSvokat.com. Reviving the good old traditional personal out of home mediums and being able to measure them, while mashing with social media and referral activations. Built on a shared economy participative platform and focused on Collage Students. There is a new participative medium out there for sure. But will it ever take shape as the next "in-between" media?

Calvin Kizana

TV is dying! Agree?

TV once known as the king of media to deliver content is now facing a hard fact and fierce battle in the internet era and digital world. Especially with live streaming platform. Will TV survive in a long run? will TV evolve? or TV is (or already) losing its crown to the disruptive and interactive live streaming platform soon?

Helmy Herman

What is the impact of digital media investment to your sales?

Digital media is on the rise. More and more brands are investing on digital, from a simple click ads to engaging digital activations. However, we always question whether Digital have an impact to sales and, if yes, how can we track it? Join this open discussion and share your stories with us (presented by Johan Pangaribuan, Head of Expert Solutions from KWP).

Michelle Ching

Why is marketing to kids responsibly important?

Kids are vulnerable and naive, their ability to filter fact from fiction has not developed. Various codes of advertising protect kids in western markets. COPPA, GDPR and soon the Chinese equivalent govern data collection and privacy of children. Are we as marketeers conscious of their implications? Are we engaging responsibly with kids?

Haswar Hafid

Bots. Bots Everywhere.

What building my own bot taught me, self-proclaimed non-coder, about building bots for brands (presented by Sulin Lau, Head of Agencies for Facebook SEA)

Haswar Hafid

Story School

Indonesia is the largest Instagram Stories producer in the world. Second one is not even close. Join us to learn secret tricks behind Instagram Stories and battle it out in a Story Showdown (presented by Pancaputera, Creative Shop Strategist for Facebook Indonesia)

Sisfani Medika

We know all these about performance marketing but we ignore them anyway

Brands are now more and more demanding : result, result, result! We understand this, nothing's wrong with demanding performance, completely valid objective. However, the process and effort behind it is somehow disregarded. Join us in this discussion to define every players' roles and part in the performance marketing ecosystem

William Utomo

Influencer Marketing: From Blogger, to Twitter-celeb, to YouTuber, to Instagrammer, to what-next?

Is Blogger still relevant? Is Twitter-celeb still relevant? Is YouTuber still relevant?

William Utomo

2019 Presidential Election and Why It Matters to Millennials (Uni Lubis & William Utomo)

Millennial voter is estimated to be 100,000,000 people in 2019. Will they vote? Why all political party and figure are very active on Instagram nowadays?

Rohit Vaswani

Data theft and Privacy Leaks - Are advertisers just as guilty as the platforms and publishers?

Did our hunger for data, to deliver better precision marketing, fuel the greed for private data? Are we incentivizing the encroachment into the lives of our own consumers? Is a decentralized blockchain based social media platform emerging to take over Facebook? Are blockchain protocols for digital advertising the future?

Rohit Vaswani

Is Blockchain the largest threat to Gig-economy players or their largest opportunity?

Will blockchain ring the death knell for players like Grab, AirBnb and other gig aggregators and bring forth the rise of decentralized intermediaries and blockchain based marketplaces? Or will they be able to use the technology to create better user experiences and features? and how much will it cost them? This discussion is looking for insights on how gig economy players are dealing with the advance of blockchain.

Ivy Lu

How does data continue to impact marketing and advertising?

How has the sharing and usage of bid data/data analytics impacted or improved your agency work? Do you know what other data assets are available to WPP agencies? An open discussion to hear the story of data.

Diaz Nesamoney

Will machines create and manage advertising for a brand some day?

I'd like to discuss and share how a machine (software, data, AI) may sometime in the next 10 years (or 10 months) handle advertising for a brand. We know there is an "art" piece to advertising but increasingly science is taking over. Will it all be science one day? I'll share some examples of "almost" machine generated ads. You be the judge! Or maybe you have some examples to share too!

Swami Sekar

When speaking is cooler than touch

This session will explore the return of voice (Voice AI) as a medium of interacting with technology, including early adopter feedback on: - Untethering from the 6 inch worldview (phone) - Rise of IOT and improvements in Natural Language Processing - How to drive adoption today through curated voice assistants We will look at a demonstration with Amazon Alexa at the Gadget breakout

Christina Teo

Making therapy less of a stigma and more affordable.

Lively Mind is a platform to facilitate mental health engagements, raise awareness by providing content for both the carers and individuals who seek help, as well as to help solo psychotherapists better manage and grow their business with online tools. Lively Mind’s primary target is millennials and young working adults. It’s incubated in Singapore but slated to scale regionally.

Yash Kotak

The future of commerce is social - #EverywhereCommerce

The session will present why Social Commerce is a necessity over and above websites/apps. Turning social media posts to instant sales, thus having metrics for ROI in spends.

Patrick Searle


I'm biased as I think here at GetCRAFT.com we have a potential solution. But wanted to run this session to discuss whats breaking in our industry & hear your thoughts on how we can turn this around.

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