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Sudhir Syal

Small Cities Indonesia - Building a userbase

While Jakarta, Surabaya and some of the smaller cities are accessible using digital marketing and search, smaller cities are not. For a digital product then, what is the most efficient way to gain adoption in smaller cities where internet penetration and general awareness is lower.

Sudhir Syal

Building loyalty in the Ecom world in Indonesia

With everyone badgering each other on prices, and it being a race to the bottom how does one build enough loyalty within the Ecom world such that it can acquire users without having to discount transactions? Are there marketing strategies to be followed? Is it product oriented or to do with building a brand that connects? Finally, is discounting itself the right way to build One's business within Indonesia

Rohan Routroy

Pepsi called for help last night! Do you have any ideas?

About 24 hours ago Pepsi dropped this ad - https://twitter.com/deray/status/849400265405026304 Adweek called it one of the worst ads of all time. Twitter was on 🔥 all day. It was eventually pulled out. Conversations matter. Some brands do it right. Some brands struggle. How do we harness the power of conversations and what can we learn from this mistake!

Boye Hartmann

Y Group Asia Pte Ltd

Skillset for our digital future ?

Brand astronaut - digital engineer - IA project leader Do we have the skill set we need to take the marketing play to the next level? Beside the old skill sets we need to work more in details with Math, IA, Bots, Tech, culture, sustainability and globalization to be able to service the needs in a modern world. Some will be enabled by tech and some automated! But how does the Org. chart look in 2020 +++ Which leads to this question: What do you think? What does your crystal ball say?

Jonah Ken Tan

Can your brand really be safe in the digital world?

Brand Safety - What is brand safe to one may not be to others so is it a subjective measure? What exactly is brand safety - can we measure it, peg a score to it, reduce the risks, prevent it etc.? Let's huddle and talk everything Brand Safety!

Pandu Muhammad

Engaging with Gen-Z

'Milennials with steroids'? Or are they, really? Our recent research revealed that Indonesian Gen-Z cannot be easily pigeonholed & not all stereotypes are true. What are your experiences on engaging with Gen-Z? How does the 'digital native' gen use various media, and how do they perceive brands?

Scott Lambert

An idea I had on the train went crazy.

We all have ideas, and they're easy to talk about, but turning them into reality takes more. Starting from my own experiences, this is a discussion about creating a mountain of mistakes big enough to stand on and see a whole new world. It's also about courage, craft, compromise, blinkered perseverance, and being able to laugh at oneself. Hopefully, this will be a light-hearted.

Jerry S Justianto

Using Narrative Transportation in Digital Lecture

This discussion is about my experience in using Narrative Transportation theory in Technology Related Lecture. Captivating old and new brain to frame them to understand what you mean. In short, teaching your grandma to use Google, FB and Insta before swiping left on her Tinder app.

Sathish Sanmugavelu

Are you still being a pirate, getting your music/movie illegally?

None of us can pledge that we havent downloaded or streamed some sort of entertainment from a dodgy source. But how is this scene changing and content providers / services are upping their game to fight piracy.

Varun Chugh

Audience Enabling Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Buying digital audiences is an established paradigm in digital marketing, particularly in the desktop world. The science of using cookies to track, profile and eventually address visitors to web sites is well understood. Unfortunately, as digital marketing dollars increasingly follow mobile users, these techniques are no longer useful. In this session we will highlight the important differences between mobile and desktop users and discuss the emergent ways in the industry to solve this issue and allow mobile audiences to be targeted.

Cheryl Goh

Celebrating the biggest F*** ups of 2016

In the advertising industry, failure is often frowned upon. There are countless marketing awards celebrating creativity, innovation, and effectiveness. We publicise success, yet e shy away from talking about failures. Meanwhile, in the Silicon Valley and among entrepreneurs, the mantra "Fail Fast, Fail Often" rings loud and clear, with many failed-startup founders ready to share their lessons. I'll share some of Grab's biggest f*** ups over the year and encourage participants to do the same, so we can learn from each other. At Grab, we believe "if you aren't making mistakes, you're probably not pushing the boundaries."

Quenten Smith

Traditional Media in the Digital World

Last week the Global CEO of Adidas outlined moving all TV budget to Digital for 2017 and beyond, he felt TV was not relevant for his brand anymore. In a few days his decision was questioned heavily by some Industry heavyweights who outlined his potential failures and short term thinking. What are your thoughts and Why for Indonesia in 2017?

Hanh Le

Performance marketing in Digital - How to win this battle?

Nowadays, a lot of people mention about performance marketing when they talk about sale from marketing activities, marketing efficiency, effectiveness. But what's performance marketing, is it just about sale or it's more than that? Do all industries need it or just some which relate to sale/ data driven marketing strategy? And if we want to start with performance marketing, how to do it/ which factors are the most important to win this battle?

Bayu Ekaputra

Digital Food Content - Digitally Delicious!

Digital Food Content – Digitally Delicious?  Kokiku TV, Celebrity Chef Talking about the development of food content in digital. Started from the kitchen, but now it has evolved to many different kind of contents. What would be the best solution for your brand? What can you do with your available budget? Possibly will bring Celebrity Chef/ Food Youtube Creator into the discussion as one of the panelists

Mike Allen

Selfies to Sales....the power of FACE VALUE for brands

How to be apart of the lives of millennials through INCLUSION as opposed to INTRUSION on social media and get your products into their hands....?

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