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Soon Lee Lim

Myth busting: Is loyalty just an illusion?

- what is the new normal in shopper behavior? - what do you need to do as a brand owner?

Khailee Ng

REV Asia / 500 Startups

Content Marketing Strategy for Predictable, Replicable, Scalable Results

Seems 'content' is back in season. Like a whirlwind. It almost seems all new, shiny, and almost confusing. But it isn't. There are brands who have been doing it for a long time. Huge brands that maybe you know. And some you don't but should know about. Let's have a look at what they've done, and how the brands you're working on can leverage this.

Ario Saptomo

Why Life insurance is not sexy to be talked in social media?

I am looking to make over this lady called Life Insurance, turning her like how she can be as sexy as Nigella Lawson for food, Catherine Zeta Jones for Hollywood, etc. To do that, I need the best of the best. I am open to discuss with all of you. Let's make her up.

Crisela Cervantes

Wearable Technology at Work: Yey or Neigh?

We use them to improve our fitness, track our runs and see the world differently with Google glass. Can it help with productivity at work? Or does it focus too much on quantity over quality at work? Weigh in on the discussion!

Khailee Ng

REV Asia / 500 Startups

Local Tech Startups: The Alternative Media Opportunity

While advertising and media dollars get ploughed into conventional media assets to compete for audience attention... there is a world of local tech startups who have plenty of engaged users. Perhaps pioneering brands can engage them to stand out, and make media dollars go much further? Let's look at a couple of examples, and discuss!

Marco Widjojo


Empowering Indonesian Digital Talents in Global Competition

We are in people factory industry where people is the main engine in the success of a company especially in Digital. Demands for digital innovations are very high and supply is still lacking. Everyone is trying to get the best talents which creates burden for business bottom line whilst clients are asking for cheaper costs. The idea is to create the TALENTS. Many agencies have opened their own digital training but this also creates issue that is no standardisation. The discussion is surrounding an idea to create digital education standard in Indonesia for digital ranging from media, social, production, and strategy. In the end, the objective is to lift up Indonesian digital talents quality and be able to compete globally :)

Aji Setiaji Kurniawan

FWD Insurance

Social Media, between the dream and reality

Since the born of the internet decades ago, we have transformed our way of communicating with others with the thing called the social media. Started from the messenger services like MIRC , YM and MSN in early the 90's up till now like facebook, twitter, pinterest, path etcetera have massively influenced and changing our way of life. How it actually affects our lives? Positively and negatively, let's discuss

Sandesh Nayak


To App Or Not To App

Does a responsive website or a native mobile app seem like the best match for your business? What factors have helped you decide on one option over the other?

Peter Kennedy

Hubert Burda Media

Does anyone know what "Content" is anymore?

Is it just key words? Programmatic RTB? Are content brands dying as content becomes ubiquitous? Do consumers want to pay for "curated content" (ie content brands) What is the value of content? Only what an advertiser pays for it? Is UGC "content"? Is native advertising "content"? Can Google call itself a publisher? Can Amazon? Has "media planning" become oxymoronic? What is "media?" WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING? Help me find out!

Liem Cek


Mutual Collaboration between Brand-Digital Company-Outlet for Digital-to-Sales

The hardest part for FMCG (especially for really fast-impulsive product) is to see any significant correlation between Digital Investment and Sales. Most of digital assets and investment seems to be a "complimentary" in nowadays marketing. Since we can do a lot of thing to create experience in shopping behavior in Indonesia (and i believe also in the world), we can excite the part of it to give WOW experiential shopping behavior that necessary for customer. To collaborate among KPIs of us. There are a lot of challenge : 1. Moms are the number 1 of decision making in shopping, yet they (in Indonesia) still lack in digital-culture 2. low involvement product's biggest challenge, to engage with customer that also create sales (impulsive) without touching any price down. 3. and many more.. Challenge accepted? :)

Jeremy Sy

Digital and the Future of Indonesia

What does the Indonesia of 2020 look like? How will the shape of society change between now and then? What new consumer needs and preferences will emerge? What role will digital, social media and mobile play in (re-)shaping Indonesia?

Andy Zain

Founder Institute

How To Create TEN MILLION DOLLARS in Less than 5 Months!

This discussion is for the Entrepreneur in you! Sharing the experience and real life journey on creating million dollars valuation company with only USD 30K budget and less than 5 months. Simple to follow instructions & case study included. Proven model with (almost) 100% success rate :) All of you smart STREAMers can also do it! Register your interests here! Slots limited!

Arshan Saha

How to Wear a Digital Condom ?

As digital continues to grow at an exponential rate, we face more and more challenges surrounding click fraud, bot traffic and inappropriate content. This raises a question of how much of an advertisers spend is actually delivered in a legit and valid manner. Join me in discussing how we overcome these challenges and what tools are available to safeguard our digital campaigns.

Haswar Hafid

Why Don't We Have The "Oreo of Advertising" Yet in Indonesia?

Are our consumer that functional or are we just too afraid to create an awareness-driving advertising execution to be remembered for decades to come? We have all the brains and tools, so what are the things that prevent us from executing campaigns like Oreo's Dunk in The Dark, P&G's Thank You Mom, Coca Cola's #AmericaIsBeautiful, Volvo's Van Damme Epic Split, Dove's Beauty Sketch, and even Cardstore's #WorldsToughestJob? Most of all, what are the things we need to create more Indonesia's best-in-class ads?

Herwinto Ch.

360˚ Mobile Based Marketing

Mobile Marketing has only been known for its annoying SMS, intrusive display advertising and internet lag time. Well, not anymore, the 360˚ mobile marketing is "Data Driven Revenue Generator" marketing model, the Real Deal towards new mobile advertising currency, the "Mobile GRP".

Derry Afifudin



A collaboration to empowering others through running

Edi Taslim


Who cares about Digital AdEx?

Digital advertising is the fastest growing segment in Indonesia advertising market. But does anyone knows the size of total advertising spend in digital? What is the percentage of digital advertising of total advertising expenditure? What is the leading segment of digital advertising? Is it search, display, mobile or video? If you do, please share with us. If not let's discuss on why it's important to know the digital adex, what is the best way to measure it, & who should be able to do this!

Soumita Roy Choudhury


Real reasons : Why mobile advertising is not transparent ?

Ad campaigns on mobile media, are opaque. Not only do advertisers not know nuances & insights generated from campaigns, they are also in the dark regarding basic details like the media that was purchased to run the campaign. How can this be changed ? Why brands should demand transparency of data ?

Parminder Singh

Why, what and how of Real Time Marketing

Is Real Time Marketing a necessity in today's consumer landscape? If yes, what exactly is Real Time Marketing (equally importantly, what it isn't)? How do Marketers equip their organizations and agencies for RTM? An exploration in real time!

Keith Timimi

VML Qais

Why We Need To Build IAB Indonesia

The Singapore chapter of the IAB has become a key part of the industry in the last few years. It connects the industry to the government, educates marketers and gives them tools and standards to follow. These activities have led to growth in revenues for the industry, and just as importantly, they have led to a growth in maturity and acceptance. As the most important market in South East Asia, it is time for us to make this happen in Indonesia!

Hemant Chauhan


We Only talk in #Hashtags!!

A Jimmy Fallon inspired discussion, where we can explore how we don't seem to get it right ! And how brands can be more participatory in coversations than trying to create them ! Let's # hashtags

Krishna Zulkarnain


Secrets of YouTube REVEALED!

Ever wondered what makes a great YouTube video? Have you tried making a viral video? did it work? How many Subs do you have on your channel? do you want more? Ever felt your story is too big for 30's? Get answers to these questions and more!

Ketut Sulistyawati

Somia Customer Experience

How can brands tap on experience innovation to win customer's heart?

Isn't a great product the best marketing of all? So why do brands often pay more emphasis on marketing their product than innovating the product itself? Marketing can attract the spotlight but it doesn’t take long for customers to discover if a product is worth their time and money. How do we put the focus back to the customers' needs and create experience innovation on your product / services? How can we win their hearts for a long term rather that win their bucks for a short term?

Anant Deboor

Exploring this love for all things retro

Why do people continue to use retro/vintage filters on Instagram pics? Why are brands relaunching packaging from the 60s and 70s? Why are bookstore memberships rising? Why are many photographers going back to film? Are people getting tired of technological hype?

Mutia Murwanti

Do you think e-commerce was created for FMCG products?

As you might know, e-commerce emerge and evolving here in Indonesia. E-commerce in Indonesia is very unique - you can find them on websites, forums, even social media! Anyone of you perhaps had bought something online. What did you buy? Gadget, imported clothes, limited watch, second-hand car, or even a Persian cat? What about these products that are not "unique" and you can find it everywhere - milk, detergent, diapers, ketchup, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste - have you purchase it online? Is e-commerce was created for FMCG products given the condition that you can find those products in all minimarket (Alfamart, Indomaret, 7Eleven, etc) at every corner of the street?

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