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Asep Haekal


Moms in social media phenomenon. Do we engage them enough?

As we know that mom is the key influencer and decision maker in purchasing most of product in our home. As a family caretaker, she ensure she gives the best for her family.For that, she collects information, sees the ad in TV, browses via website, asks peer recomendation in Blackberry Group, and accesses facebook through their mobile that she always carry on her palm.Moms continue to increase their social media usage. Moms between 18- to 34-years-old were not only more likely to be on social sites, they also spent considerably more time on Facebook than the general population—24% more time on desktop, and factoring in mobile, young moms spent 260% more time than the average user. Now, 8.8 mio moms has their facebook account, it's penetrating 35% of total Urban Household. Such a huge reach number compared to print, outdoor, and radio combined.We also already agreed that the role for TV is for gaining massive awareness and social media for engagement, building brand love through time. We gain more insight from social media, we convey the message and education that we cannot deliver via 30sec TVC (or sometimes 15sec), we engage and discuss with them in social media. But is it enough? are we efffective and efficient enough utilizing this new and emerging media? How about if we create super successful social media campaign (like Old Spice & Dove Sketch campaign) designed specially for mom, dedicated for mom in Indonesia? Let's discuss! :)

Syauqi Maulidzar

PT XL Axiata

Closing the loop on mobile marketing? Linking advertising to sales

Marketers are always faced with the challenge of linking advertising dollars to sales. What if mobile can provide marketers with the platform to directly link ad dollar spent to dollar sales generated? What if mobile can also provide marketers with consumer behavior data that contributed to that sales generation?This platform is no longer in the future, it's here and now. However, what needs to happen for it to gain traction in the marketplace?

John Riady

Not Your Regular Classroom

Is there availability of the right people to drive our brands in today’s complex marketing and media environment? People who are future-ready and market-savy? It takes us about 2 years to train a fresh graduate in the skills required to face the existing challenges. This is a minimum cost of about US$ 20K per person and a loss of 2 years. What if we could pick up a fresher who has been trained by industry experts with real life examples and case studies. A person who is ready to help you face todays’ challenges a person who is future ready. Imagine, shape and help us realize a world-class, real-world Marketing and Communications program to help train the future leaders of your company that will help you achieve your goals.

Fitriyani Afini

Let's talk about bad things: Online bounty hunter phenomenon!

 Its no longer a secret that your campaign are feeds bounty hunter with prizes that you giveaway, and there are groups of bounty hunter that constantly shadowing your campaign, lets discuss!

Fiona Anjani Foebe

Great Viral = perfect formula and a dash of luck?

 Is there really a repeatable model for things to go viral? is it the great insight? the great creative execution? the great LUCK?

Nassar Danuningrat


Wearable tech: opportunity in consumer insights

Google Glass just arrived & more wearable techs are coming soon.I believe there's a huge opportunity to utilize such devices for collecting more insights from consumers (ie. consumer behavior study using biometric watch, retail display eye-tracking, product usability test, etc). What other opportunities can it bring in terms of insights data collection?

Adeline Ausy Setiawan

Who should own digital?

There are a lot of players in advertising eco system: media, conventional agency, digital agency, PR agency, technology specialist.
What is the best model for advertisers and where the industry is heading? Why current digital agency is competing with brand creative agency?

Geoffrey Maclean

ROI: Financial measurement of success

What are the most popular metrics for tracking and measuring success on a digital campaign? OK I've done it once and now I have to go back to the management board and ask for more funds to do it again. What are the winning arguments and strategies for ensuring ongoing internal management stakeholder committment?

Tommy Prastowo


Is digital campaign ready to stand alone in Indonesia? Let me hear your thought

 So far, in Indonesia the consumer journey always start the awareness from offline, and the consideration + learning happens at online, and the purchase are going back to offline…So the question is : is it possible for digital to stand alone?

Edi Taslim


Media Brand vs Advertising Metrics

Advertising metrics are emerging as reliable indicators of online advertising performance. Does media brand still relevant to quantify the success of an online campaign? How can media owner impact an online campaign using the brand as a significant factor?

Andy Zain

Founder Institute

Mobile : Building service for MILLIONS of Indonesian!

 Many global Internet companies found Indonesia as fertile ground for user growth. Services like Facebook & Twitter with very least efforts able to gain mass adoption quickly. However, very limited (none?) local companies able to replicate such success in their own home market. Would like to discuss about characteristic of Indonesia Internet users & which Internet players able to successfully penetrate the market.Learning from local case studies on mobile social network, video platform, social gaming and more! Identifying what's missing in the industry and how to get your service reaching the real masses in Indonesia. Would also love to hear your stories, so join us & lets have a great discussion.

Nanda Ivens


Social Loyalty Program...Is it the future of eCRM or another passing trend?

 I would like to have an open discussion about Social Loyalty Program. For those who are not in the know, SLP is a way to harnest advocacy and bonding for a brand on Social, but thats not al.  While other loyalty programs are transactional, SLP gives rewards for sharing and posting content about a brand in the social space. Want to know more?  Come and join me in the dicsussion. 

Vikas Gulati


Key barriers to adoption of Mobile & how to make Mobile a mainstream channel !

 Mobile Marketing & Advertising is still at infancy with less than 1% spends. On the other consumer adotion of mobile is soaring and there is massive growth in content consumption on Mobile. What are the real challenges that marketers face when it comes to mobile marketing. How do we enable marketers to integrate mobile in the marketing mix .. what the are key actions that we as industry need to take.Lets get real and say the truth - and try to come up with the action plan to help marketers integrate Mobile !

Patrick Searle


Is Social Business, Good Business?

 By adding a ‘cause’ or ‘mission’ component to your digital campaign does it help drive engagement? Is recruitment easier when your company has a strong CSR programme? At the point of sale will consumers actively choose brands with a strong green/social presence over one that doesn’t? And should all brands adopt their own particular cause/mission to align with?Speaking with my cynical marketer hat on, I’m interested to hear your thoughts, stories and studies, as to whether social marketing is smart marketing, or whether its something that simply should be left for the hippies to champion.

Sachin Gopalan

Berita Satu

Positioning Indonesia on the Global Stage

Indonesia is known to be Asia's Best Kept Secret. Everyone agrees that we need more promotion for the country, yet every promotional activity undertaken by the government or sponsors is ineffective or has very low impact. As a result, we continue to remain a hidden jewel, and it is likely that Indonesia will stay an Asian powerhouse that is waiting to emerge as a significant player on the global stage. The reality is, "Indonesia On The Move" could very easily remain  "Indonesia in Waiting" for longer than we desire.What are the hidden challenges we face? What are the unique, creative and effective out of the box approaches we can take to put Indonesia on the podium it deserves. After all, having the 4th largest  population in the world and a functioning modern democracy, Indonesia has the potential to have the 4th largest GDP in the world...Join us to discuss your ideas, and lets set the stage on fire with ideas that can work.....

Rama Mamuaya

DailySocial Inc

How Digital Agencies and Brands Can Ride The Startup Wave

 How the vast growth of startups in Indonesia can be beneficial for digital agencies and brands. Discussion will focus on case studies in Indonesia!

Yudi Permadi

Football has become a BIG industry in the world, how in Indonesia?

Football has a BIG opportunity in the world. In Indonesia it become like disaster than opportunity. Does it has opportunity in Indonesia? How we develop football market in Indonesia? Finally as a Marketer, How we use football in Indonesia for a bussiness outcome?

Anthony Reza


Are we driving ourselves to failure when leveraging on trends?

As marketing and communication practitioners, we always want to be ahead - either creating the trends or bandwagoning on the existing ones. On the latter, more often than not, brands and advertisers have the tendency or tempted not to lose the branding, make it a bit prominent, etc. which at the end lose the social insight on why these trends or content or the so-called-memes (harlem shake, rage comics, kiyomi/gwiyomi) became contagious in the first place.The question is, when it comes to the attempt on creating social buzz or conversation, should we compromise on branding? Should we stressed more into what interest people? Should we let loose our branding, in the hope of people will connect it themselves with our brands? Or it shouldn't be a compromise at all? If it's not, what is the best way to do it?I have some thoughts and would love to know yours :)  

Roy Arnold Simangunsong


Native Advertising ? The future or just another small dent in the universe

The discussion or definition of native advertising is still on debate in many end but the evolution does not stop and is it advertorial? are we trying to trick the audience/consumer?Do we need to build a standard around it?Is this going to be the future or just another format of reaching the consumer?

Patrick Searle


In this age of intense digital Innovation, are clients using agencies the right way?

Now while the bread and butter of agencies work will always be to launch campaigns that help reposition a brand, drive sales, raise awareness about a new product, etc.In this age of intense Indonesian Internet growth, by doing the above, are clients using agencies in the most efficient way? Are we helping them achieve long-term commercial success or just helping the brand team feel warm and fuzzy?If like me, you think its the latter, how can we go overcome this?

Brata Rafly

Mandala Airlines

Today, Is online campaign really Really cheaper than offline/traditional media?

The online industry market is growing rapidly and the industry, especially suppliers, keep talking about how the brand/advertisers should spend more on online because its cheaper and measurables. While its true we could have some measurement in online, but is it really true that its cheaper than the traditional media, these days?

Rizky Muhammad


Media Neutrality. Why content and ideas are becoming the foundation of today's marketing

We've heard it all and know it too well; radical changes in behavior and media consumption, TV and print viewership on the decline, digital, social and mobile is on the rise, clutterness, wrong recalls, insane media inflation rate, etc etc. Yet we're still racking up crazy bills on TV and print because most of us are still stuck in a one size fits all marketing & media approach.Things are changing and the Silver Bullet is no longer doing its magic. How do we make marketing to be relevant again in this hyper competitive era? Why people, ideas and content should be on the cornerstone of things? What are the challenges? Would love to hear your stories and have a great discussion.

Katryna Mojica


 Many of us are in the business of making brands famous.And digital is one of the best ways to build fame – just ask Justin Bieber and Psy.What are the measures of having achieved real fame in the digital space?Is it simply awareness?   Awareness you can buy, fame you need to earn.I have some ideas, and interested in hearing yours.

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