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Baskar Subramanian

TV dead, TV reincarnated ! - Let us imagine its new life and experiences

As Internet becomes ubiquitous and multiple screens emerge, TV is going through a transformative shift. We are fortunate to be in this era of change and have the ability to effect the change. Would like us to imagine what would be the new experiences be it in terms of storytelling, viewing experience, discovery, engagement and advertising.

Bhaskar Vulapalli

Algorithms will control the future

What does it feel like to be a marketer in an age where machines will make all the decisions? How will a marketer’s role change and what skill-sets will he or she need? Discover how natural language processing, graph theory , machine learning will change the way brands and consumers interact and how they will increasingly make marketers into scientists.

Bhaskar Vulapalli

Death of search, demographics and other marketing fads

In a world of infinite options and infinite data, it is no longer the lack of information that is the defining problem of the age. In this world of options. consumers are not easily segmentable stereotypes but have unique fingerprints. Discover how search, demographics, and other such marketing grails are no longer holy, and how new words like choice and taste are the marketer’s preferred weapons.

Caroline Troman

Man v's Machine....Do we still need Man?

Programmatic media buying is taking the world by storm, but not all countries are seeing growth like the rest of the Globe. Who's getting in the way? When will we see the programmatic storm erupt in India and Southeast Asia? We see the machine taking over the mundane media buying processes and creating efficiencies at scale with the added benefits of data and targeting. So do we still need Man?

Deepshikha Dharmaraj

Genesis BM

Building Brand You -In today’s wild wired world, how do you ensure you stand out from the rest!

I normally hate it when people talk about personal branding & PR. Those words imply that people need to adopt identities that are artificial and plastic and packaged, when what actually works is authenticity. With the digital and real worlds merging rapidly, you can’t fake who you are and pretend to be someone else every hour of the day. If you are genuine about what you’re doing, it will attract other people to you, and motivate them to follow you.

Abhishek Chatterjee

In this environment, can Market Research alone predict what consumers would like?

More decisions today are made from information based on reviews, opinions, trends, etc, which are highly dynamic whereas market research depends on prior preferences and experiences. This might make market research largely irrelevant and out of date by the time of actual purchase decisions are made, thereby reducing the usefulness of research techniques like brand equity measures, etc. In this discussion we want to talk about what current enviroment might mean to market research - shift from measuring individual consumer preferences, satisfaction, loyalty, etc to make the best out of behavior portrayed through public content and context.

Bundeep Rangar

Indian citizens can now crowd fund the next FaceBook, Google and Skype. Wanna be part of it?

A couple of years ago Indian citizens couldn’t invest in companies such as Facebook or Google. Now they can, and they do. The question is one of communicating investment opportunities.

Karthik Srinivasan

Societal impact of social media

We, as agencies and brands, are going ga-ga over social media now. Have we considered how social media is changing the society we live in? To start with, here's an episode from the 2011 British TV series, Black Mirror: http://bit.ly/1yycQnW It's a mighty disturbing story, but helps to bring to the fore some interesting extrapolations. Let me list 3 large-scale trends, not necessarily from this episode, but in general, from my observations, 1. Everyone is a media outlet 2. From attention economy to opinion economy 3. Vox populi as the new news media

Mahesh Narayanan

Digital Story Telling - the new way

With snacking content gaining traction across digital and social platforms, is it enough to rehash offline communication today? Should brands be thinking about ‘Made for Digital’ content for telling their brand stories?

Mahesh Narayanan

Brand Message with Content Packaging

Content integrations for delivering seamless brand messaging has been happening across offline mediums for sometime now. Can a highly personalized content experience be a powerful and impactful delivery vehicle for brands? Can it engage customers without being intrusive?

Ashok Lalla

People as Media - The future of media & the future for brands

Think beyond media as we know it. Think beyond print. Think beyond TV. Think beyond digital. Think beyond Facebook. Think beyond Twitter. Think people as media.

Sandeep Balan

Who’s lagging further behind the consumer – ‘The Agency’ or ‘The Client?

With the ever changing technology landscape & the ever evolving consumer, it's becoming more and more difficult for brands to keep pace. Right from their pace of new technology adoption to the ways they are communicating with their peers, the new age consumer is always a step ahead. From the bygone era where Marketers led the way by creating and producing messages that no individual consumer could have ever conjured up, things have changed to the consumer defining and shaping these brand interactions in the digital age. How can Marketing and Communications change fast enough to keep pace with consumers? Who's lagging further behind the consumer - agencies or the brand custodians? As clients blame the agencies and vice versa for this constant struggle, let's huddle up and discuss the roadblocks we encounter. Join me as we discuss on how we can bring in a culture of transformation, collaboration & innovation in our respective agency-client relationships and match pace with the Millenials.

Milind Pathak

Its a Big Data or Small Data (Actionable Data thats useful?)

with the influx of digital marketing, the marketeers are hounded with data that thrown of every campaign. Lots of it becomes smart ppt's and then is lost in archives of the mail box. Whats the core and most important data that the marketeers want.? how do they want to acquire that data, and how they want to use it. Is it a CIO / CMO discussions or its a simple need of an actionable insight. Has Big Data made the life of a brand marketeer easy and difficult and has become a Paradox.? How Mobile can help the brand collect and use the data in quick and effective manner.

Milind Pathak

Large Time Spent on Mobile but Still Small Ad budgets.

Consumers are spending most times on the mobile screen in every possible situation and moment. While the importance of Mobile is universally accepted, in India, the marketing dollars are still small. What do we need to do to increase the spends on mobile. whats the wish list..?

Rajeev Raja

'Can Brands use music and sound strategically(vs tactically) in the digital space?

- Today brands are using music in the digital space in a tactical and often ad hoc manner - Are they missing an opportunity to use music to enhance brand salience and reflect the brand's essence? - Can brands use the power of the digital space to exploit its unique characteristics such as 'interactivity' and 'viralability' better?

Rajeev Raja

'Can Brands use music and sound strategically(vs tactically) in the digital space?

- Today brands are using music in the digital space in a tactical and often ad hoc manner - Are they missing an opportunity to use music to enhance brand salience and reflect the brand's essence? - Can brands use the power of the digital space to exploit its unique characteristics such as 'interactivity' and 'viralability' better?

Rajeev Raja

'Can Brands use music and sound strategically(vs tactically) in the digital space?

- Today brands are using music in the digital space in a tactical and often ad hoc manner - Are they missing an opportunity to use music to enhance brand salience and reflect the brand's essence? - Can brands use the power of the digital space to exploit its unique characteristics such as 'interactivity' and 'viralability' better?

Tarun Katial

In the digital age.. Does the Consumer really care about your Sense of Purpose??

Corporates use an approach of a higher purpose beyond product benefit to attract consumers.. In this evolving digital age where price and evolving technology seem to be the driving reasons – is it still relevant?

Carlton D'Silva

Do we need the Internet Police?

Considering the latest controversy surrounding the AIB Roast do we really need an Internet Police for opt-in content.

Abhishek Karwar

Consumption of News, Sports & Entertainment content in Digital

This year’s data provide further & stronger evidence about the disruption and change in digital consumption. Mobile and social consumption is reaching a new level of intensity and a new kind of consumer generation is emerging; very digital. As more people come on board, the requirement for multi-lingual support is also getting more significant. The use of smartphones and tablets has jumped significantly in the past years. The consumption of News, Entertainment and Sports is evolving and people are looking at consuming the content at their convenience and in their preferred language.

Jai Lala

Consumption of Sports Content in the Digital Age

Business opportunities arising out of Sports content i.e Live & Non-Live. As per a recent survey 30-40% of users are willing to pay for Sports content online. Considering that India is a country where cost of subscription is extremely low! Adex spends are also doubling year on year on sports "Live" content with increasing penetration & increasing content

Payal Puri

Newsjacking - the art of inserting yourself into someone else's story

Not all big stories will originate from you - but you can become part of all big stories. Newsjacking is a strategic, fun, effective way to become part of the big conversations around you, whether you're a brand or content producer.

Devraj Sanyal

Streaming at Stream

The future of audio video in the mobile age.

Venke Sharma

Social – Does it really work for brands?

What works and what does not? Experiences and perspectives from brands.

Dhruv Chopra

How performance measurement in digital challenges conventional notions of creative?

If you could improve response 10x by discarding your brand colour, logo and campaign headline, would you?

Vijay Sankaran

Creative in a Real Time Age

How are Agencies building a creative culture and edge in an increasingly time-and-resource challenged transmedia environment? "The map is not the territory” is an old truism now. Yet the reality is that agencies of all kinds and sizes are facing immense challenges in managing the transition and change among consumers and their media habits. Look forward to discussing best practices, successes, opportunities,challenges and solutions

Rathin Lahiri

The opportunity to digitize business – not just marketing

Digital Marketing is incredibly specialized ( SEM, SEO, Mobile n/ws , Video n/ws, Allainces, Social etc )and incredibly fragmented, with numerous agencies delivering parts of the business. Digital Marketing is also increasingly about Digital Business with the growth of mobile commerce, apps, ecommerce and both are closely linked. There is a window of opportunity for Marketers and agencies to fill this gap and be a big revenue stream rather than a cost centre. What would be the opportunities and challenges to deliver this.

Jacob Singh

The internet of toys.: Angry birds, Stupid kids. Envisioning interactive toys which don't use screens

I have a 4 year old. SHE IS AWESOME! She loves making pancakes, drawing flowers, building forts, climbing (anything), writing and reading stories, and playing princess (unavoidable). But she'd rather be playing with my phone. I *almost* never let her, but it's there. And it is addictive. As the first generation of parents who grew up steeped in video games, how do we handle this? Can we create immersive experiences which entertain children and inspire them that don't involve the zombie gaze of using screens? The internet of real things. Let's design some great ideas together!!!

Jacob Singh

Why are Mitt Romney + Barak Obama, Al Jazeera + Fox, J&J and + Pfizer collaborating on the future of Digital?

Edison vs. Tesla Gates vs. Jobs Astronauts vs. Cosmonauts Van Halen vs. Sammy Hagar History loves a good fight. Pick sides, dual with pistol or patent and have at it until one is left standing. But imagine (all the people) for a minute if these bitter rivals had cooperated to worked together to innovate and create a better world. How can open source technologies (and other gift economy) business models enable an evolved 21st century where innovation and collaboration are not mutually exclusive to making a buck - where we could be by the 22nd?

Abhishek Sharma

Is existing system designed to make us healthy or sick?

Our surroundings and support systems are changing every minute. So, are they progressing in the direction which enables us to live healthier or are they making us sick.

Abhishek Sharma

Why wearables fail?

In the last couple of years, wearable devices, such as wristbands, smartwatches, eyewear, wearable bio-monitors, and the complementary services that support them have become the focus of much speculation and anticipation. Yet the path to consumer adoption and sustained long-term engagement is far from clear.

Dhruv Chopra

Improving digital marketing performance 10x (minimum!)

Improving digital marketing performance 10x (minimum!) We are all insanely focused on the performance of our digital marketing. However, this has also led to conventional notions of creative being challenged and often brands have to choose between their desired creative and a better performing one. If you could improve the performance of your digital advertising by 10x, and this may require discarding your brand colour, logo, campaign headline and sometimes even the tactical offer, would you?

Karthik Nagarajan

Is being a marketer, the most indifferent profession of our times?

We are arguably in the middle of of the biggest war of our times; The air in our cities are being termed unhealthy to live in; An alarming number of farmers are giving up the profession after generations, in favor of industrial / urban jobs; We are fast running out of open spaces in cities for Children. Are these the best of times to be helping sell more sugar water, automobiles and more gadgets than we can responsibly trash in our life time? Is irresponsible consumerism the elephant in the corner office? Or is there a way to find that middle path between being a marketer and conscious citizen?

Karthik Nagarajan

Is being a marketer, the most indifferent profession of our times?

We are arguably in the middle of of the biggest war of our times; The air in our cities are being termed unhealthy to live in; An alarming number of farmers are giving up the profession after generations, in favor of industrial / urban jobs; We are fast running out of open spaces in cities for Children. Are these the best of times to be helping sell more sugar water, automobiles and more gadgets than we can responsibly trash in our life time? Is irresponsible consumerism the elephant in the corner office? Or is there a way to find that middle path between being a marketer and conscious citizen?

Sanjay Ramakrishnan

Products from agencies! Is it time .

Its time to reinvent the media agency business model . Can agencies look at developing and launching products ? What are the opportunities and the barriers? Other services like - IT , Hospitality and Healthcare have invested in product play , why not media ?

Malini Agarwal

Social Media Should Be Social!

It's time to put the "Social" back in Social Media. Let's have a conversation about how you are using your social media assets and what REALLY works. We have invented a way to connect with everyone across the planet, but often we forget that (especially in the virtual world) the biggest connector of them all is the "human touch". Tweet @MissMalini to start the conversation NOW. #ILoveSocialMedia

Rajeev Suri

Make way, Mobile First, Its now Mobile Only.

As we meet in Jaipur, the smartphone era has already dawned on India. We now have an estimated +120Million of these powerful lil guys humming and running about merrily across India. Just in the last 3 months, we shipped 30 Million smartphones. To understand how transformational that is, try this stat out for size- end 2013, just a year ago, the entire installed base of smartphones was only 30 Million across India. So what? Only this. An entire generation of Indians, 100 Million of them only knows of the digital world through the "smart phone". And the next 200 Million is already coming online, all on the mobile. Mobile translates to small screens of uncertain size, spotty bandwidth and apps- myriad apps, all asking for pesky permissions and intruding onto our phones thro' our friends, kids and even mums.... I think it would be a great idea for us to get together and brainstorm what catering to a mobile first audience will require of us. I propose to present the 10 Guiding principles of a mobile first world from the user experience view. I believe that for many of us, from the large screen paradigm, a refreshing brainstorm design paradigm from the ground up would be immensely helpful in the coming Mobile first, well actually its Mobile Only India!

Bundeep Rangar

The Bollywood Stock Exchange

The idea: -Buy and sell shares in independent Bollywood films . -Register and receive a virtual £10,000 to bet on a particular independent Bollywood film’s performance in the first four weeks in theatres.

Hareesh Tibrewala

Social Wavelength

Digital Transformation, Not Just Digital Communication

Communication now goes beyond the spoken or the written word. It transcends visuals and moving imagery. Communication is now all about leveraging the power of digital to actually create brand experiences. As digital specialists, is our mandate only 'digital communication' or is really about helping brands and businesses re-orient their existing business models to help leverage the full power of digital ?

Hareesh Tibrewala

Social Wavelength

What will "agency" of the future look like ?

Agency business has evolved rapidly over the past two decades with separation of media, creative and relationship management. Digital now demands multi-dimensional thinking and multifarious skill sets. Will the agency of the future be a one-stop-shop with all possible skills under one roof (thereby ensuring consistency in brand communication) or will the agency of the future be a specialist who will need to work with a bunch of partners to deliver results.

Amit Shah

How will Digital technologies enable financial inclusion?

Internet, connectivity, mobile and the works are disrupting every business models. Banking and financial sector is also no different. How are these technologies enabling financial inclusion? What are the opportunities and challenges.

Rana Barua

• Piyush , balki , Rajeev , Prasoon and many more in advertising– How to create the superheros in digital?

I welcome all of you to join me and make this discussion a success !

Sunil Lulla

In a world that is digital, can marketing have two separative narratives as Digital and Traditional?

How do we get the fraternities to enhance their "alien language" skills and be able to effectively market as ONE across platforms and idioms. One agency/one client team vs independent digital offerings and independent mainstream(?) Offerings..Its one consumer with multiple ways of accessing info-tainment..get aligned. How do we break the cultural barriers in organization?

Antti Ohrling

Big data vs. current data

How to best caption the intentions of a consumer?

Karthik Srinivasan

How many brands have YOU conceived and built? I have 5 to my credit and 3 are alive and kicking now!

I'm not talking about the brands you helped build for a client, or are working on, in your company. I'm referring to the ones you imagined, created and managed yourself, hands-on. I'm not an entrepreneur, have never been - but have 3 brands alive and kicking, even now... and one of them is a decade old. It's very different from what you think it may be - trust me!

Vijay Jain

MERA WALA INTERNET - Marketing on mobiles in customers language

The growth in Mobile internet is increasingly driven by consumers, who are more comfortable with their own languages. How well are mobile apps, web and devices, ready to cater to Indian language needs? Is local content lagging behind? What are the new innovations and emerging drivers for brands to effectively connect with customers, on mobile and web.

Pankaj Sethi

DEATH BY PERFORMANCE - what's holding back mobile advertising .

Sure Mobile advertising is great ! Performance, ROI and delivery can be measured. And we all love our mobiles don’t we ?! But maybe it’s the “Performance “ bug that has Mobile Advertising, doomed into its lowly 1-2% ad share hole . Do we and can we, build brand value on Mobiles. Is video whats missing …Or the lack of the comfort of TRP s? A straight chat ,on why we all still think Mobile is really a “small budget screen”. Or is it ??

Nikhil Rungta

How Personal Can You Get?

Marketers want to get personal. From playing Nostradamus they are turning into 'Sniper Shooters'. Want to give consumers what they want, when they want and where they want. "Ya right!!!" says the Consumer and shares a Love-Hate view on the same. Whose side are you? Come, lets discuss - How personal can you get?

Bhavna Kapur

Online shopping – Still a convenience or turned an obsession!

The joy of browsing shopping sites for that next new fab outfit , the book that you wanted to lay your hands on or the tempting phone that you were eyeing at stunning prices - while sipping coffee at home or office is simply unmeasurable! But has the convenience and amazing deals story today turned into an obsession!

Rob Norman


Long term marketing effect - in an instant

Why no brand can ignore Snapchat

Gulshan Verma

What are brands looking for in their agency/content creation/distribution partners?

The hardest part about brands developing content is how to create, curate and distribute it. How do we all work together to develop content that resonates with the consumer and works for the brands/agencies/partners? For agencies, brands, publishers

Uttam Chopra

Content Marketing: Moving from Likes to LOVE

Content Marketing is a big priority for global brands in 2015. The discussion aims to look over 2015 content marketing trends, innovations, how to get your brand noticed and challenges one may face along the way. You should attend if you’re a brand owner, publisher or agency.

Sanjay Mehta

Social Wavelength

The challenges in creating truly integrated campaigns, and how can we overcome the hurdles?

The intent is there. But the implementation is still trivial. Creating a truly omnichannel, integrated marketing campaign... We still see a lot more of traditional campaigns where digital and social media extensions have been brought in, as afterthoughts. And most certainly in doing so, these often look forced! So what challenges true integrated marketing planning? Is it on account of the way agencies are structured? Is it the current methods in place which constrain? Is it a legacy mindset which we are not able to shake off? Or are we still consciously or subconsciously "protecting our respective turfs"?? What will it take to change things? Let's discuss and see what ideas come up here...

Anirudh Balakrishnan�

How can Startups and Coporates like large Media/PR Houses piggy back on each other's success to create a unique business landscape in India

As we head into 2015 and India being the world's 4th larget startup Hub in the world, we are entering into an era where small and large businesses may be able to converge and work together to intrinsically change the way traditional Indian businesses have been working so far. This discussion would attempt to answer some of the following questions: 1. Why is it beneficial to have startups and Big Business work in concert, especially in the PR and communications firms ? 2. In what way is this panning out outside India or in more Startup Friendly Markets and in what way can we learn and emulate success of such stories in India? 3. How can Govt play a role in scaling these efforts? 4. What's next when all the above is perfected? What's in store for the next frontier? ; ) Would love to moderate between a combination of pessimists, optimists and knowledge banks for this topic.

Guneet Singh

Wearables, Cloud Power & Your Fitness: Are they running together?

Wearables can capture every heartbeat, every step & throw out data, the cloud can chew as much as you can throw into it. Why is that we are not getting fitter & the fitness industry is not running?

Tushar Vyas

Disintermediation & Reintermediation

Does it create more democratic and efficient system in long run or super intermediaries with global scale & sometime unfair advantage !

Akash Batra

Start-ups for Brands: Is there a connection?

Big innovations are increasingly coming from start-ups as entrepreneurial barriers are crumbling. Is there is an opportunity for brands to work with start-ups and vice versa. What are the challenges. More importantly how should brands and start-ups try building this relationship. Join me for a conversation on this topic.

Tarun Abhichandani

We remain Indians! We import our non-libertarian thoughts on the digital outlets.

Advances in digital domain allow for users to express and create content. Instances being Blogs, Social Networking, Media sharing websites. Creators (formerly known as audiences) openly share content, which is no different than the ones exchanged in "off-digital" world. Often, this content reflects non-tolerant views that most of us in the society enjoy flaunting. For instance, a post related to Cricket from one of our neighbouring countries (formerly part of our boundaries) is almost always sneered at leading to a show of "one up-manship". Ergo, a bigot is going to force their one-sided views on sensitive topics to rile up the readers. Technologies, expectedly, are not going to "upload" thoughts in that person's mind to make them consider divergent views. But a fair expectation from the categories of applications, mentioned above, is that they go beyond than providing facilities for mere "liking" or "sharing" or allowing for a fleeting "comment". They need to support "dialoguing" so that the topical issue can be discussed in its entirety.

Tarun Abhichandani

If we are irrational then why interactions on digital creations demand for rational cognition?

Rationality and human minds do not go together. Rationality is an artificial garb of explanation purported by "experts" to give an impression that they "know what they are talking about". Expectation of rationality abound to such an extent that irrationality is not even considered when designing digital artifacts. The behaviour is more often "forced" on users when they use them. The accommodation of digital artifacts is not designed to support users at all. For example: this very website! It is important to allow for emergent behaviour to occur on digital artifacts as "irrational humans" are interacting with them and not "goal-oriented robots"!

Pankaj Sethi


Mobile Screens are getting from Bigger to HUGE . While mass customers are still on thin pipes of 2G, or very limited 3G packs. Free Wifi . Or no data connections . How are we equipped to serve ads and content to mass customers. Thin stream videos that deliver entertainment to the security watchman , streaming content through missed call numbers, offline video delivery, good ol' SMS and other options . What are the bright ideas and hacks that we all are planning . Does wide spread wifi or the illusive 4G hold any different news . Share and tell …

Sanjiv Sharma

Everyone is talking content, but who is building the content factories

Brands are becoming Publishers. There seems to be a Huge Demand for Content that brands will need to engage with their consumers. For reasons we all know, the heart beat of Digital Content is likely to be different from TV content. The training of the AD FILM industry doesn't seem to be suited for the volumes of this new business. It would be fun to chat about this new "creative energy" and eco system and also try and understand where the BIG IDEAS of this new consumer connect mechanism will come from.

Sukhdev Singh

Can ‘Internet of things’ coupled with Big Data change marketing forever?

IoT as it is often referred to goes a little beyond M2M and offers advanced connectivity devices, systems and services. While the technology is starting to find use in the field of medical (implants etc.), a major change for marketers is around the corner. The technology can hook up anything from your phones, refrigerators, ACs, washing machines, lights, door locks and perhaps even razors and shavers! Technology research companies estimate 26-30 bn devices to be connected on the IoT by 2020. How would it impact marketing when we have smart homes? It’s a fine morning in February of 2020 when you walk into a shop to buy a washing machine. It has two offers on its smart washing machines –both are connected to internet and offer you all the control plus alerts of all sorts from washing cycle time left to servicing of parts etc. The second option lets you get the machine at half the price if you agree to share data from you IoT enables washer (including but not limited to usage, service, spare replacement etc etc). Integrated with Big Data, a marketer would know about the user more than what user herself knows about her usage and attitude. Would tradition research be required at all? Would marketing in the new era be any different?

Apurva Chamaria

Internet of Things – Fact or Reality?

Your toaster talking to your fridge while your car argues with the washing machine - the “next big thing” of 205 is the Internet of things, or IoT. The network will ultimately connect every point of human intelligence on the planet, from out brains to the bits of software code we put in countless other animate and inanimate things. Is there a services / product opportunity or is this more wishful thinking?

Rohini Abraham

Dysfunctional demographics !

Consumers are refusing to stay within their demographic definitions. Everyone is perennially young. Attitudes & behavior can no longer be defined by age or income. The young are rich and spending. So are the over 40’s. Digital access has democratized demographics. Yet marketers continue to work with tightly defined TGs. Is there a better way to find & understand your consumer? "Twitter's fastest growing demographic between 2012 and 2013 was the 55-64 year age bracket, growing 79%." Buffer,July2013

Soumya Mohanty

Our stories will never be the same - New narratives for digital age

What will be the new narrative structure , linguistic imperatives , new metaphors , emoti-sation , role of sub text , hyperlink , interactivity , augmented reality , co -creation .. how will everything from the written word to moving images travel ? What will be preserved and what will we let go - Will we see new stories or simply a change in form ? Will future narratives be driven by story or platform ?

Rahul Guha

Is Messaging Apps the next big thing for marketers?

The rise of messaging apps is the most explosive tech growth story in recent time. What are the key features of leading Messaging Apps and how marketers can leverage?

Pavan Pochu

Beginning of the next wave of wearables

The current wearables market is worth 5 Billion dollars and spans almost 20 generations. By 2018, it is expected to reach $12.6 billion. Wearables are here to stay. Wearables are not a hype or fad anymore! The current set of wearables were tracking various vitals and providing details. The next wave would not just monitor or observe but also give personalized contextual advice, tailored to us, in various areas like health, fitness, fashion, infotainment, security, etc. With increased acceptance, would the wearables provide more accurate data, combine data & analytics to give actionable insights and also play well with Internet of Things?

Vishal Gupta

Brands need to go beyond communication to see how digital can help them play a more meaningful role in their consumers lives.

How can brands empower their consumers with content, tools, community and conversations, thereby playing a more meaningful role in their lives.

Vishal Gupta

Are traditional organizational structures, mindsets and skills limiting the transformational potential of digital ?

Shopping during X-mas/New Year’s brought home to me how little seems to have changed for brick and mortar retailers, one of the most affected parties of the Digital economy. I walked out of 5 stores liking something but not buying because the size, colour or style weren’t available. It baffled me, for example, as to why I could not purchase online from the store and have the product delivered. On researching further, I came across companies that were ‘using’ DIGITAL in really interesting ways in traditional retail and beyond as well, though they still seem to constitute the minority. Join me for a discussion on how companies are exploiting the potential of DIGITAL, what’s holding back the very many others and how they can overcome the roadblocks.

Imtiaz Ilahi

“Technology is changing how marketers need to advertise – are advertisers and their agencies prepared?”.

with rise of digital technology and internet , consumers are now in the driving seat ... changing the rules of engagement in the advertising world. in this changed environment we all are faced with similar questions - which is the best route to take ? what are the pros and cons ? is it that simple ?

Gowthaman Ragothaman


Are marketers ready for the opportunity to drive IT in their organisation?

18 marketing experiences; 9 marketing operations; 5 middleware operations; 5 infrastructures; 4 backbone platforms; One Internet pipe; the new marketing ecosystem to manage the digital data has just exploded on all seams. And today the biggest challenge for marketers is to align the advertising monies in line with time spent on the medium. Often correction to the mix takes time and mostly attributed to lack of communication formats, data OR technology.

Sandeep Amar

Demystifying Digital terms in a super fun manner!

All digital terms you want to know as they will become part of your life in a digital business world: SEM, SEO, ASO, PPC, CPA, CTR, UI, DMP, SMM, SMO, ORM, PM, OVM, DA, MM, API, CMS, CPA, CPC, OG, PR, CPM, eCPM, RPM, GA, UX, IM, IMAP, LTV, PVs, UVs, Visits, Bounce Rate, ROI, RT, RTB, SERPs, SSP, DSP, UGC, VOD, XML, SoloMo, URL, CPI, CPD, CSS, RSS, EPC, AM. And learning all this in a super fun manner!!

Meheer Thakare

Big Data is so Passe! Let's talk My Data and let's do it FAST

Data and Insights have typically driven decision making for 'businesses' for a while now. Why can't they drive consumer decisions? The 'Big Data' trend surfaces new trends using a vector of data spanned across millions of rows (well.. generally). We have tons of Big Data expertise at our perusal. But do we have the expertise towards My Data? Have we considered how this same (and sometimes exclusive) data can be used for the direct benefit of the consumers; help them make better purchase decisions? Yes, we're talking about extending 'data for b2b' to a 'data for b2c' model. Allow me to introduce the 'My Data' era. An era that encompasses data delivery for direct consumer benefits, using multi dimensional (aggregated) as well as single dimensional (time-series) data. The closing focus of this discussion would ideally be around, 1. the trade-off between Accuracy and Speed when delivering insights, and, 2. also the implications on the media landscape in general.

Mohit Hira

Integrated agencies or specialists?

From breaking up into specialist units to integrated offerings...the wheel seems to be turning full circle. Some agencies are getting it right, others struggle. And clients continue to worry. Is there a model that works?

Ayan Chakraborty

Will predictive personalisation violate privacy?

Data and analytics is creating a personalised experience today - right from what we are typing on our smartphone to what we are shopping online. Going forward, the wearable market will add to this personalised experience. Such personalisation may eventually lead to a large amount of private data being available online. What are the implications of this in the long run?

Dee Salomon

The Serendipity Algorithm: creating containers for discovery

Who would have thought that a word coined by an English Earl in the 18th Century from a Persian story he called a “silly fairy tale” would have a powerful meaning for 21st century marketers? And yet that is what Horace Walpole has bequeathed us with the word “serendipity.” Walpole created the word from the title of the tale The Three Princes of Serendip, in which these Persian nobles are “always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of.” Increasingly we find information, content and products being delivered to us courtesy of algorithms informed by past browsing behavior, friends’ recommendations and currently trending content. In our zeal for ever more precise targeting of content and advertising, in our determination to give people exactly what we think they should want, do we risk losing the magic of serendipity?

Nusrat Durrani

Love & Sex

Nusrat will present Love and Sex, a new and groundbreaking program that takes a raw, honest and provocative look at modern young relationships. The global series is also one of the first trans-media executions of an episodic series, with multiple experiences for TV, digital, social and mobile, including virtual reality viewing through Occulus Rift technology.

Unny Radhakrishnan

'What is mine is yours' - The Sharing Economy : Is it for real?

Inspired by connectivity and internet and a new wave of conscious consumption, concerns on global warming, there are a slew of businesses built based on sharing of resources. Is this Sharing Economy for real? Is this a first world phenomena? Since India is yet to go through the cycle of affluence, consumption and fatigue, is this too early for India? Which businesses will see early impact on this?

Ashwin Naik

Why is it so hard to give - why all of us want to give our time and money, but dont?

All of us want to play a role in making this world better. By our time or by our contribution to worthy causes. But all us find it hard to give constructively. Is it lack of trust? time? or worthy causes. Would love to engage with all of you on this question which is close to my heart and maybe arrive at some actions for all of us to try out. Is there a giving pledge for the not so wealthy?

Sharad Devarajan


In a world dominated by western superheroes and japanese anime, the time is now to take Indian characters to the world. How do we start? How can India's characters be different and unique. The next J.K. Rowling, Steven Spielberg, Stan Lee or Miyazaki is sitting somewhere in this country ready to transform the world with their stories. Japan, Korea and China have built multi-billion dollar character entertainment markets, yet India, which has some of the greatest mythic stories in human creation, has not been a part of it. After all, long before James Cameron created 'Avatar,' we were the country with the first blue skinned hero with a bow and arrow. It's time to spark a new creative renaissance. Join me for a discussion about how to create and innovate the Indian superhero.

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