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Minh Tang

Anti-heroes - we need more of them!

The world has Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, Avengers, Vogue, Taylor Swift and then Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad), Annalise Keating (How To Get Away With Murder), Frank Underwood (House of Cards), Vice, Rebecca Black. Why so? Is that because in current societies, the anxiousness need to be addressed and sympathized or simply, societies need a new model of following-and-followed. Let hear more from you in the discussion at RED, 15:00, Friday, March 6. Cheers!

Anas Ghazi

Duuuddeee Asia's Data's Where Its At!

Asia Pacific has been deemed a growth market, but does data play a role in the growth? Better yet can data play a role in Asia's growth? With WPP being defined as 'data investment company' how can we empower WPP, itsOpcos and the clients they serve to serve the right message, to the right consumer, at the right time using DATA? So here's what I propose, I want opcos, clients, brands, visionaries, data enthusiasts (anyone with a mouth and ears) to come together and talk about the Asian data landscape. What types of data is available? What are the data gaps? What countries have the strongest data? What are obstacles in getting data? Once we've got the data do we know how to use it effectively? You get the drift, lets get together because 'Duuuddeee Asia's Data's Where Its At!'

Siok Siok Tan

Will China Produce Its Own Version of YouTube Superstars?

Last week a film about air pollution in China by one of its most famous TV journalists went viral online, garnering hundreds of millions of views. Many web video sensations in China are created by celebrities who cross over from traditional media and not grassroots video producers in the YouTube style. Will China replicate the YouTube ecosystem of video superstars ? If and when that happens, how can brands work with such web stars to produce engaging digital content?

Alan Hellawell

2015 A.D. (Ali's Done). Is the China Internet Party Over?

The initial success of Alibaba's Sept 2014 IPO, the largest in history, was emblematic of the massive promise of the China internet story. Is its jarring 35% descent since peaking in November cautionary that our best days are behind us? Is China internet still investable? What should you do with your holdings?

Maz Karimian

Jack, Jeff, and Lei Jun: The Future of Asian eCommerce

Alibaba’s world record IPO has drawn the world’s attention to Asia’s fast-developing eCommerce landscape. In China alone, 304 billion USD of transactions occurred online in 2013. That’s 8% of all retail sales. (By comparison, the USA managed 6%.) Stats and stocks aside, the rise of eCommerce presents a classic “crisis-opportunity” situation for retailers across the region. Let’s talk about what’s driving the growth of eCommerce in Asia, what’s holding it back, what the landscape will look like in the coming years, and how brands can prepare themselves accordingly.

Michelle Froah

Blue and Black OR White and Gold? WTF - Is This Digital World Becoming Obsessed with Frivolity? (Michelle Froah & Sean Tan)

As we watched our social feeds cluttered with frivolous banter over the color of a dress, we can't help but wonder if digital is losing its credibility as a source of information. Recent studies show that younger generations are starting to believe traditional media as a more credible source of information. Is digital rewiring our brains to be too in the now so that we can't focus on longer term concerns?

Anurag Banerjee

15 years before & later. Mobile - whats happened? Where is it going? Is it what you dreamed it would be? Can it be what you want it to be?

Mobile advertising, mobile payments, big data optimized and funneled through mobile, relevant contextual ads, internet of things.....every start-up wanting to monetize through advertising, all brands wanting to reach people on mobile, all consumers harassed by pop up ads, mobile payments that are not yet seamless.....come discuss and craft the mobile world that you want.

Anurag Banerjee

15 years before & later. Mobile - whats happened? Where is it going? Is it what you dreamed it would be? Can it be what you want it to be?

Mobile advertising, mobile payments, big data optimized and funneled through mobile, relevant contextual ads, internet of things.....every start-up wanting to monetize through advertising, all brands wanting to reach people on mobile, all consumers harassed by pop up ads, mobile payments that are not yet seamless.....come discuss and craft the mobile world that you want.

Nhung Le

If happiness is the final goal, why don’t we create Happy Coins as an exchange currency instead of having USD, Euro, etc.

What’s money for? It’s to buy things that improve our lives and make us happy. We work to earn money and use this money to invest, to purchase, to do charity, etc. but finally, it’s to make ourselves happy. With shared economy arising, why not jump from the idea of providing services (working) straight to the “happiness” case without going through the money exchanger? Then we can exchange the Happy Coins instead of having USD, Euro, etc. What do you think of this concept to revamp our future?

Chloe Sasson

Will Digital Save or Starve the Music Industry

We know the stats.... CD sales are plummeting, digital sales aren't filling the gap, artists are their own record companies, soundcloud is the new iPOD and Streaming is the new Radio. But what does this mean for the music makers? Are the DIY tools of production allowing them to own their products, or are they struggling to make sense of an even more fragmented space. Are the record companies friends or foes? Will the little guys make it to the top, or are we still going to see the Coldplays and Taylor Swifts dominating our ears and taking all of our cash? What is the future business model of the music industry.... if we can't figure it out then no one can.

Marc Hardy

Isn't it Time for a Fitness Currency?

The world's gone nuts for fitness tracking apps, platforms and devices. Almost every tech brand is piling in, in one shape or other (pun fully intended). Yet other than the specifics of counting steps & heartbeat, the only general measure widely used still seems to be calories. If so, that's not only nuts, it sucks! There has to be something better. And if there is, can't we do something to encourage its adoption?

Kenneth Lou

A TRULY wireless future (for powering your devices)

More than 1.3 billion devices are being connected to the internet every year. And the way these devices are being powered has been the same for over 50 years now. How are we going to see a radical shift in the way to power these devices? Would love to discuss about the vision of truly being wire-free in today's age. The infrastructure that is related and of course, the many opportunities and possibilities for so many data-driven and hungry technologies in the next century.

Ken Mandel

The Apple Car - Brand Bravery or Brand Bullshit? (Joe Nguyen & Ken Mandel)

As Apple marches towards a nose bleeding 1 trillion dollar valuation the company's ambitions have suggested a desire to build an Apple Car?! While some of us are still waiting for their much rumoured Apple Television set this has caused some scratching of heads. Car manufacturing is way out of Apple's competency and a pretty complicated & low margin business so why the heck would Apple suggest they want to build cars? Come join Joe Nguyen & Ken Mandle foster a lively discussion about Apple's potential motives around this audacious goal!

Tracy Huang

why Chinese fashion has not influenced the world yet?!

Chinese is a long history country with very rich culture and arts, however the modern Chinese fashion has been heavily influenced by western culture and countries, why? why Chinese fashion industry has not make the voice in the world yet? whats the thoughts in your mind for this phenomenon? any of your suggestion of how to change this situation and improve it? to help Chinese fashion and fashion brands has a better influence to the world, I need your help!

Chris Riquier

Who's seen the 5 second creative?

It's been bugging me for a while that there are only a handful of ads which have been created for, or successfully edited for, the 5 second pre-roll on YouTube. As with anything there are always the brilliant case study examples such as the (several years old now) VW auto transmission ad which automatically skips ad for you. However, a test I ran in February 2015 in a couple of Asian countries identified between 20-40% of ads with no identifiable branding in the first 5 seconds, after which 94% of people hit the skip ad button. Most of the executions were clearly TV spots, dropped straight online with no consideration for the altered dynamic of "interactive" advertising. I'm not an ad man, but would love to hear some people from the agency or creative side discuss this and likewise hear from any advertisers who are utilising this medium.

Varun Mittal

Samsung // Cheil Worldwide

Content Monetization - New Frontiers and New Players

With mobile becoming a key channel for content delivery, several innovative content monetization strategies have risen on the horizon. Across geographies and content categories, new models have emerged and witnessed significant growth. Some examples of these new players and frontiers are following - FMCG major providing radio station in rural india over phone, triggered by miss call from user, songs on station embedded with advertisements - Maybelline testing new inventory through flash sales at LINE in Thailand - Music Service Saavan creating user defined music station based on Twitter requests from users - Snapchat showcasing original content from key publishers in Discover section of their app - Opera giving up free data to users in partnership with Telenor for playing games/consuming content Let's talk more about it and learn together !

Manoj Coelho

Speed to Market in the digital world :

Big legacy corporations are the graveyards of innovation ! Is it lack of innovative ideas ? Lack of innovative talent ? ....... Probably not ! Is it fear of legal and regulatory liability ? ......... Would like to hear your views ! Leadership disconnect ? ...... What does this mean ! Let's share views, experiences, successes on how to make the big corporation s dance ........... Again ! See you at stream Asia !

Sam Flemming

Making Sense of Big Data

MAKING SENSE OF BIG DATA: Big data is all the rage...but are marketers really benefiting? Or are they just being flooded with data that at best just confuses? Where and how do they find the actual insight that inform business questions? What are the business questions that can be best addressed by big data? How can solutions be designed to ensure to realize the potential of big data, especially within the context of marketing communications? If any of these questions are of interest to you or your clients, let's get together to see if we can come up with some practical answers.

Asad Rizvi

30-second commercial phenomenon

A never ending debate and a fight between agency and client on the duration of the next tv commercial. What is important delivering on the client's brief or crafting the 30-second formula. Let's crack the code to win it!

Alvin Graylin

What will the "post-Phone era" look like and why the porn industry will lead the way?

The post-PC era is upon us now...and soon the leading handsets of today will become obsolete. What's coming? ...Apple Watch, Hololens/Oculus, smart jewelry, stick-on sensors, smart clothes, smart cars, smart-homes, smart sex-toys, ultra-intelligent machines, smart OS... How will it change the way we interact with each other, devices, and society. What opportunities will this create? How can we make money from these changes? The porn industry has traditionally been an early adopter of new technology/media...what can we learn from viewing these changes from their perspective. Let's have a free flow discussion and see what comes up...and how it could apply to a broader audience.

Krishnan Menon


"I Love TUMI" and other stories.

How great customer experiences, above all else, breeds great word of mouth. We will share, anecdotally, examples of the best experiences all of us have had as customers ourselves and discuss what that did to our attitudes towards the brand and to how it influenced the way we talk about the brand to others and in turn the effect it had on them.

Jennifer Poulson

What About Grandma? How the Digital Divide Impacts the Elderly

We talk a lot about youth and technology, but what's going on with older adults? As we face aging populations in many markets, how are the elderly adopting or being left out of the changing digital landscape? A study in the UK warns that lack of access to the Internet will cut off 700,000 elderly pensioners from government services in communities within 15 years, increasing the number of older people who report 'feeling lonely' by 40 percent. Meanwhile some organizations are creating new frameworks for connected aging, making technology an integral part of how we care for older adults in the future. What are your ideas to promote digital inclusion and ensure there's no grandma left-behind?

Dirk Eschenbacher

buy-buttons everywhere

In the future the buy-button will be everywhere. E-commerce will take up a new role in our lives. We will imagine this future and figure out what it means for consumers, brands and agencies. We will look through our entrepreneurial glasses and spot the business opportunities that come from it.

Manoj Coelho

Digital Leadership : is your management board digital ?

How do you get buy in, support and advocacy from senior leaders to implement your digital idea ? Leadership defines the tone, investments and direction of an organization. Interesting, innovative and engaging ways to get your management board to become digital evangelists ! See you at Stream Asia

Miles Menegon

Tastes good. Does good.

So here’s the challenge: you’ve been given carte blanche to design a cafe any way you’d like, using any technology, any tools, any service model you can dream up. The twist: the profits will be used to support and train homeless youth, who will work in your cafe and kitchens. You’ll give them valuable skills and work experience, getting them off the streets and into a better, more prosperous future. You don’t just want your customers to be loyal. You want them to be advocates for the work the cafe’s doing - among friends, colleagues and through their social networks. You want to change they way people perceive disadvantage, one cup at a time. We’ve got 50 minutes. Bring your ideas and let’s see what happens.

Wendy Hogan

How do you decide which Asia markets matter to your business?

Jointly presented with @Kerry Brown from Comscore, this discussion will centre around how you decide which markets to invest effort and resource into in Asia. Everyone defines APAC differently, and every country within the region has its own opportunities and challenges. On top of that, there's a big difference in tools, talent and metrics available as compared to the West. We'll share our ideas and crowdsource yours to best define how to approach market entry and organisational growth in the region.

Tim Kelsall

Next Generation Talent. Spotting it, Attracting it and Keeping it!

There is a war on talent! Improving talent is the No 1 objective for our industry. Furthermore, talent shortages are fast going from bad to worse especially within Asia. With the plethora of career opportunities available today, why should marketing be their 1st choice? How do we make the industry be their top choice? Faced with a dramatically shrinking talent pool, what are the strategies that we can win the war for talent? How do we create a paradigm shift in attracting people to our industry and keep them. How do we adapt as leaders to give people more control of their own development and help unleash their hidden talents in and outside of industry?

Hironaga Yai

J. Walter Thompson

After Digital - What the world of post-digitization looks like and what we can do there

• Is it better than pre-digital? • What are the new opportunities • What are the new risks • Overall — vote better/worse

Sam Jacoba

Are we over-marketing to Millennials that we ignore GenX and GenZ?

Ask any marketer in the region now on their primary audience in social media and digital and they will most likely say Millennials. In Southeast Asia, Millennials are the most engaged audience segment in social media. Though not necessarily the most profitable, Millennials can make or break a brand campaign due to their presence, reach and social actions. However, GenXers are the more affluent segment, and GenZs are the fastest growing. Now, how do we strike the optimum audience engagement balance for our respective brands?

Andy Yeo

The 'Asia' Challenge

Many of us work in start-ups or organisations which are establishing an Asia presence or expanding into developing markets. The markets in Asia are often overwhelmingly diverse in both behaviour and product, in the digital world and the broader business landscape. More and more people are coming to Asia as expats bringing their expertise to this growing region. Internally, how do we ensure that the original brand manifesto and personality is well balanced with local culture, talent and expertise while building a healthy culture of collaboration? Externally, how do we most effectively understand and adapt to the cultural nuances which could fundamentally change how we offer our company’s products and services without compromising our speed and quality to market? Let's discuss all these questions, share experiences and talk about the challenges we'll face both as individuals and organisations going into 2015 and beyond.

David Mayo

Do brands really need to drive social good or is it ok for them to just help where possible?

Brands need a purpose. We know that. However when the purpose is a purpose for brand growth rather than a genuine belief, it fails. What do we mean by 'purpose'? Does 'Purpose' need to be for the social good and do all brands need to be there for social good? Is it not just ok to 'do what I do' and be opportunistic when it comes to helping people and 'getting involved'? When does 'being social' become a burden and a block to progress, growth and happiness? Again, we will discuss whether being social is a mindset, a method of working or a need for a new business model.

David Mayo

Collaboration in the new age of Horizontality

No one good thing comes from one good place any more. The new world of collaboration seems to be at odds with the existing agency model. This facilitated discussion will try to establish whether it is a mindset, a method of working or a need for a new business model. If its a method of working who is asking for it, why and what does 'good' look like? If its a business model how do you put it to work and scale it?

William Bao Bean

Startups and Brands: V3.0

Innovation and brand is not something you often hear in the same sentence, startup and brand is not something you ever hear. In V3.0 of Startups and Brands we will discuss ways of partnering, what works and what doesn't, and successes and failures from the Chinaccelerator Startup Innovation Program.

Lawrence Coburn

The Online / Offline Collision

The three stages of the Internet have been described as follows: 1) Offline comes online (Amazon, Yahoo, AOL) 2) People start to connect online (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat) 3) People use online to connect and engage offline (Airbnb, Uber, Square, etc.) Let's discuss the opportunities in this new world in which the physical and digital worlds are colliding.

Ayesha Bedi

Goodvertising: Good thinking or bad business?

Advertising and other forms of brand communication are leveraging social issues; all for a seemingly higher cause. Will 2015 see more brands jumping on this ‘goodvertising’ bandwagon? Or will this trend be crushed by business realities? Moreover, how do consumers feel about this form of advertising? Or marketeers for that matter? Is there a winning formula that some brands have cracked? Let's find the answers.

Leo Liang

Chemistry between Video and E-Com

In China, the unprecedented cooperation between the 1st video company Youku Tudou and the 1st e-commerce platform Alibaba gave huge rooms for innovative business models. Let's talk over what would happen by all the opportunities, and see how the chemistry bring about towards internet users, the media as well as advertisers.

Clive Dickens

The rising importance of teaching 'coding' to Primary School Children

Learning to code is an important skill now we’re living in a digital age. It’s not just enough for children to know how to use technology. They should know how it works too. Learning to code doesn’t just mean you can become a developer it strengthens problem solving skills and logical thinking and supports key academic subjects such as science, maths and technology. What can we all do to help ?

Olivier Glauser

The Rise of Sports Marketing in China

From vast top down government programs to harvest Olympic gold medals to new grassroots football initiatives to discover the future Chinese Ronaldo, the universal language of sports is very well spoken in China.  Millions of Chinese fans follow their favorite sports star on Weibo and Wechat, billions of RMB are poured into new sporting facilities. How can brands and media benefit in this increasing fragmented landscape? With online video platforms challenging the traditional state-owned monopoly broadcasters, what will happen to sports media rights? With Wanda Group’s acquisition of Infront, the world’s second largest sports marketing entity is now in Chinese control, heralding the entrance of China onto the world stage in sports. Whether in the stand or on the field, the game will be exciting to watch in this region of the world...

Gary Shainberg

TSO Ventures Ltd

Can Drones improve Client engagement

Drones are now with us for good and as the technology improves so does their use, so beyond just being a camera platform can they do more to get client engagement

Simon Trilsbach

Big Love - How does a Brand, Agency & Tech Vendor live in perfect polygamy?

All too often there seems to be defensive, elusive, non-collaborative behaviours between the 3. Bob Dorough (wonderfully sampled by De La Soul) sang 3 is the Magic Number. Is it? Or does 3 simultaneous relationships end up in the kerfuffle that Bill Henrickson regularly finds himself in with his 3 wives in Big Love. Surely there's a way....

Bessie Lee

No more SoLoMo! We are MoSoCo in China!

Chinese shoppers are restless! They shop anything, anytime, anywhere and they want to shout about it too! Chinese consumers don't have the patience to wait for brands to take their time to sort out their retail distribution. The Chinese consumers have the same wealth as their western counterpart, more so in most cases. They are entitled to enjoy the same choice of brands. They want brands to chase them and chase them quick. Any slow speed, arrogance and complacency by the brands, say bye bye to your consumers. Chinese shoppers are restless!

Diana Tsai

Speed Dating (Because This Conference is About Meeting People)

Hosted by: Diana Tsai + many secret guests to be revealed Discussions are about meeting people, so we're going to set up a speed-dating session where you're going to get 10 minutes to spill your guts out to 3-5 strangers (I forget how long these things last). OFF THE TABLE TOPICS: Company you work for, how much you make, your position, celebrities you know, anything that is ego inflating ON THE TABLE TOPICS: Life purpose, why you're dysfunctional, what you hope to achieve by the day you die, the things that make you happy, the things that touch your heart & soul, guilty pleasures

Kritika Parwal

Potential of Plantable paper

Plantable paper is a unique new product that can be printed/written upon, shaped, stuck and folded just like ordinary paper. However, its incredible beauty lies in the offering that people can dodge it into a pot of soil after use and magically a handsome plant grows out, in turn proving a high-recall way of promoting Sustainability and reducing paper clutter. A stupendous innovation with brilliant potential use-cases in Branding, Events, Promotions & Activations, plantable paper is the blue-eyed boy of the touch- marketing world currently. Let us initiate a discussion on the potential use cases and fun yet effective marketing possibilities around plantable paper.

Daylon Soh

Metalworks by Maxus

Innovation in China – What we can learn from Chinese Tech Startups & Shan Zhai

We’ve all heard of the negative connotations that comes with the label “Made in China". But in the last few years, Chinese domestic brands have started to be more visible and more desirable in international markets. Xiaomi is currently the world’s 3rd largest smartphone distributor behind Samsung and Apple. WeChat with 468 million monthly active users is one of the world’s biggest international social networks. Alibaba’s wildly successful IPO in the NYSE raises questions about the future of Chinese Tech Startups. Join us in a discussion on the world’s factory, its tech startup ecosystem in different tiered cities and the copycats. Co-hosted by Stephany Zoo, COO of League X (China) & Daylon Soh, Communications Manager of Metalworks by Maxus (Singapore)

Aryeh Sternberg

Content vs. Context - Native Attribution

Signals and significance are what we look out for when attempting to decipher the reasoning behind consumer intent. Along comes this beast called Native, not new and yet getting the immediate attention past forms of digital marketing have been unable to engender. What value does content play in the story of attribution? Where on the funnel does it lie? And what is Native? Authors, data geeks, wondering social souls, and everyone in between - join for a proverbial fireside chat about the signs, signals, and significance in tomorrow's content-lead marketing mania.

Luca Deplano

A digital "Breaking Bad": the future of the dark internet

If Walter White had survived, it would be now running a Silk Road type operation instead of fighting for street corners . Learn how websites like Silk Road, Agora and Evolution are changing the economic model of illegal activities throughout the world and how this could lead to a better world (or worst one, depending on your ethical point of view).

Damien Bray

In the future ....will the brands be the broadcasters ?

The big brands are posturing Media owners are scrambling to adopt new models Consumers are now in control Telcos are gearing up for a serious role in how we consume content What will the media and marketing ecosystem look like in 5 years

Daryl Arnold

Building a Smart Nation

Let's discuss "A nation where people live meaningful and fulfilled lives, enabled seamlessly by technology, offering exciting opportunities for all. We should see it in our daily living where networks of sensors and smart devices enable us to live sustainably and comfortably. We should see it in our communities where technology will enable more people to connect to one another more easily and intensely. We should see it in our future where we can create possibilities for ourselves beyond what we imagined possible." Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, 24 November 2014.

Christian Anderson

By 2050 you will STARVE if food production does not get disrupted

First...world population will increase by ~35% to +9 Billion by 2050. Second...agriculture farming needs to increase by 100% to feed these people, but annual growth is only about 1.2%. Third...in fact let's not wait till 2050 as India by 2030 will only have enough domestic food production for 65% of their population. In Africa it will be 25%. Do the math. How do we feed the world for our children and grandchildren?

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