Discussions and Workshops are 1 hour sessions suggested and led by Stream participants. Read on for the latest thinking with topics ranging from "New Values of GenerationAsia" to "Brand Building and Engagement via SoLoMo Platforms like WeChat". For more, go to the Stream Medium page and YouTube. Or for a daily dose of Stream, you can find us on Twitter or Instagram.

Stephen Webb


Time to Panic

 Why mobile has gone beyond "nice to have" . Discussion on mobile behaviours, research and what is keeping brands back from investing in their mobile presence. 

Laura Ashton


B2B digital & social marketing: sexy but neglected

B2B seems perfect for digital and social marketing, yet all the buzz in the lead-up to Stream relates to B2C.
B2B is inherently about dialogues and about how to persuade on brand, product, service, solutions and generating leads.  ATL budgets for B2B tend to be skinnier than B2C, thus looking for great, low cost approaches with high accountability/ROI.
What is holding us back from making B2B rock with digital and social?What do agency teams need to get excited about and win with B2B digital and social marketing?

Amir Ashkenazi



 TV ads have been the most powerful brand building tool for over 50 years. Now, with the fragmentation of audience across screens (PC, tablets, phones, smart & linear TVs), marketers are increasingly being forced to embrace the concept of Video Neutral.Adapt or die?
- Leveraging Online Video to mitigate TV's increasing inefficiencies. How do I connect the dots?- The evolution of a universal Video currency for planning, reporting & optimization. Fact or fiction?- Data driven TV and the evolution of digital-like targeting & optimization. What is it & how do I take advantage?- Making TV and Video advertising ten times more effective, it's possible!  

René Seifert

Venturate AG

What does the mobile opportunity look like in India?

Among the 1.2 bn Indian, there are 900 mn mobile phone connections (with some people carrying more than one). Out of these far around 120 mn Indians are only online - through fixed line and mobile combined.Plenty of VAT-services at present are being run by independant companies. These VAT services can be anything from health advice to English leaning - often very rudimentary delivered via SMS. In all cases, however, the incumbent telcos operate as gatekeepers for both actually presenting the service and running the billing relationship. Telcos dictate the conditions and often fail to pay the negotiated kick-backs to their partners for 6 months or more.What does a possible future scenario look like when many of these mobile devices become internet enabled where services can run freely as apps? Points for discussion:   

Melinda Po

How can global brands ever be local?!

Have you experienced issues adapting global strategies to local markets? As marketers and agencies, we should know how to provide consumers information that is relevant to their own context and environment. So in the changing world global brands need to listen before dictating…Come share and discuss what are the key things we need to consider when develop digital strategy from global thinking to local, how to utilize digital tools to make global marketing work!

Yossi Vardi


(Video) content is king

Ad revenues, product placement, branded entertainment and everything in between. We’ll discuss the new business models of the independent creators and the new media giants. 

René Seifert

Venturate AG

The Soap Opera: Back to the Future?

Stories used to be the monopoly for media companies. In the first days of media, FMCG companies used to directly commission series ("soap operas") in order to place their products in them. The next stage of media business saw a stronger separation between media companies doing the storytelling, hence creating the enviroments into which advertisers would pay to present their advertisements. However, social media changes it all: The monopoly of media to do the storytelling is gone. Just look at what Coca Cola or Red Bull are doing on their websites. Provocatively:Brand + Storytelling + Social Media = The End of Old Media ?Provocatively put: Will we see detergent companies having their soap operas produced again directly and use social media as a relevancy and distribution filter for its users (=consumers)?

Arnon Katz

Butterfly Effects Ltd.

let's talk about bad things

We are all very optimistic, specially during Stream… let's talk for a change about bad things that could happen. What if our innovative ideas are too distractive, what if Singularity doesn't work. What if our basic assumptions about the future are totally wrong? Do you dare talk about your fears?

Scott Pollack

Wunderman | AGENDA

Brand Building and Engagement via SoLoMo Platforms like WeChat

SoLoMo platforms have taken off (e.g., WeChat rocketed to 300M users in 2 years), enabling many new and highly dynamic ways for consumers in the social sphere to interact with each other and with brands.  What innovative brand building and engagement opportunities do these platforms offer to brand marketeers?

William Muir

Can comms and tech tackle the biggest moral issue of the 21st Century?

In India, as many as 50% of women suffer from abuse, and the curreny solutions are found to be wanting. Leading thinkers now seek to tackle the problem at it's root: men, and their attitudes and behaviour towards women. Not all men are part of the problem, but all men can be part of the solution. Until men are engaged, the violence won't end.So how can we use tech and comms to reach three key agenst in this process: parents, teachers and media professionals. They hold the key, we need to get them to use it.Join us for The Pitch - where violence against women in India will be discussed in more detail, and participants will be asked to develop solutions, pitching them to a panel for prizes and glory!

Peter Yoong

Better Digital Solutions

Who should lead the Social Media charge - the Creative Agency, The Media Agency, The PR Agency or new Social Agencies

 In the charge for Social media ownership, every agency today is scrambling and trying to lead their cleints and brands in taking it on. Today, all agencies are trying top lead in this charge and it becomes ever so increasingly confusing. Which part of the agency ecosystem should own this?Should it be broken in paid, owned and earned?Should it be broken into the different portions of content, app or page creations?Who should lead in Social media monitoring?Why should the media agency lead media buying when it correlates directly to the engagement process?Why are even sister agencies within groups fighting each other?Even within client's organisations who department should lead this charge?and the list goes on..

Chay Mondejar-Saputil



Drop digital from digtial marketing and lets just do Marketing.  No more silos!  Saying we're in the digital age is like saying we were at the print age decades back.  When what we need to focus on is how to do great marketing and leveraging on the different mediums -current and emerging, that we have now.  So what's the best way of folding these mediums into an awesome marketing strategy?  That's what we aim to get from the wisdom of the crowd.

Rajiv Prakash

Next In Partners

Why does the web not speak my language? The Local Language internet opportunity in Asia

JWT names the Arabic Web as one of the top 10 things to watch out for in 2013. Making the web accessible in Indian languages on the mobile and increasing local language content could help expand internet penetration to the next 500 million in India. China, Russia and Japan have shown how large domestic internet businesses can be built leveraging local languages. And as internet adoption grows in South East, North and South Asia, users in countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia all will demand content availability and user experience quality to be at par with the Engligh web. A common theme across these languages is complex fonts which render poorly and are difficult to input.The local language internet opportunity is a combination of:a. Digital content and applications in local languagesb. Advertising in local languages with strong ad network integrationc. Devices, especially mobiles and tablets that provide high quality user experience in inputting and displaying local languagesThis discussion seeks to cover the following questions:a. Is the local language internet really a big consumer need and opportunity in Asia? In which countries? Which Asian countries are emerging leaders in this area?b. What are the gaps/c hallenges to such adoption? What must change?c. What is the quality of user experience in local languages compared to Engish? Why do mobile device companies not design their phones or tablets for local language ease?d. Are inherent biases amongst marketers about socio-economic profile of local language users a bg deterrent?e. Experience sharing from various Asian and other markets.f.  Translation as a marketing opportunityg. All other points ...

Vega Zaishi Wang

VZW fashion studio

what is Fashion design mean to me

 fashion is not just about what you wearing, it is about who you are, what you try to describe yourself before you talk to people. it is an performance art you have to create by yourself everyday. Communcation is the most important things now, but languages sometimes just not enough to explain. to be a fashion designer how do I use my inspirations, drawings, fabrics, high-tech materials... as a personal language to describe myself to other people and the world? 

Matthew Drury


What we say vs what we do

What is it that stops us fufilling the great ideas we present to clients or stakeholders in our awesome strategy decks.  There is so much evidence that digital should be adopted, but what is it thats holding us up ?

Rajiv Prakash

Next In Partners

Is eCommerce still hot in Asia? Swapping online retail notes across Asian markets

This is an impromptu regional eCommerce meet since I could see many eCommerce enthusiasts in the Little Blue Book.Hope to have enough geographical diversity in the group with coverage from China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and more ... Focus on Asian markets. Views from Rest of the World are welcome. Participants are requested to contribute a two minute update on eCommerce in their geographical market.topics -- How hot is eCommerce in your market? What are the interesting consumer side trends in eCommerce adoption?- What eCommerce models dominate your market? What are the top categories?- What are the product and service innovations in areas such as marketing, payments, customer service, core eCommerce proposition?- Trends in cost of customer acquistition and business profitability- What' type of ventures are getting funded? Any interesting exits? Who are the investors?- Are offline brands and retailers successful in online retailing? Is a successful omnichannel model emerging in your market?- How is the ecosystem evolving? 

Hugh Pile


Going Viral: Gangnam Style

With 2.8 million views per minute on youtube, how can a brand possibly expect to cut through?  What are the secret ingredients that can make our videos go viral?  I haven't got a clue, but you might ...

Nanang Siswanto

increasing smart phone penetration vs internet connection

In some emerging country, where penetration of smart phone increasing, people tend to acces the internet through their smart phone. The problem is the bandwith is not enough to make the connection faster. The telco company have aware of this opportunity. The challenge is how to connect among telco company, digital agency, brand, and consumer to ensure each of their objective achieved

Chay Mondejar-Saputil


Going Global? Or Stick to Local?

Thanks to the mega marketing machinery of technology giant Apple, we're seeing an emerging trend on globalizaion not just of marketing strategies but even down to assets.  The themes are recurring; standardization of the message, centralization, control, consistency of identity, in some cases cost efficiencies.  But there's also the other side of the pendulum where brands want to be more relevant thus the need for local insighting and messaging.  Where are you in all of these?

Joni Leimala


No size fits all!

 How much does data help when designing user experiences?

Jenny Goodridge


How can media agencies ride the wave of technology (rather than be crushed by the tsunami)?

Who can forget the Blu Ray / HD format war? Remember Gangnam Style? The Harlem Shake? Things get old quickly and digital development is no exception. Yet too many agencies continue to pitch yesterday's solutions for tomorrow's world and the loser is the client and the end user. How can we change this?

Hari Ramanathan

New Values of GenerationAsia

Asian values are supposed to be based on Confucian principles, which is great except for one little hitch; Over half of Asia doesn't even know who Confucius is and the rest who do, have come some distance from what the world was 2500 years ago. So we undertook GenerationAsia, what is, as on date, the world's largest study of 18-35yr old Asians on a variety of topics to try and derive what drives their thinking and behaviour in their lives. I'd be happy to share some of the thinking with anyone interested and have a discussion around this idea of what drives the contemporary Asians. 

Virginia Ngai

Hill + Knowlton Strategies

Fashion/Lifestyle bloggers in the East and the West

The fashion/lifestyle blogger segment is growing at a rapid pace but its maturity is vastly different depending on the market. What are some of the similarities of bloggers in the East and the West and what are key differences? How should we approach them and what are no nos?

Geoffrey Pickens

Marketing the Autistic Way

It has been argued that the digital landscape mimics autistic patterns. The reality is ALL of humanity has some autistic tendencies:  we struggle to infer meaning, we  can be easily dupped, we may find environments with excessive visual and noise annoying, we turn away when expectations of consistency are not met, etc...  What can be devastating for an autistic person is still  an annoyance to the rest of us.  Annoyance is a flag for opportunity:  an opportunity in how you evolve your digital marketing, communication and social media experiences for mainstream consumers based on insights from those on the spectrum. You don't need to know anything about autism to join this  workshop - our focus is to frame up  some insights around autism for you and  then let the group discuss what that means to our business of communicating with the mainstream world.

Anant Deboor

Photography: toward designing better images

  With the explosion in cameras and their capabilities, the photography world is inundated with equipment and images.
This session is for anyone seeking to talk/debate/argue/discuss about what makes a better image.

Hari Ganapathy

pushing the envelope on Mobile Ad metrics and ad formats

Creative: Banner Blindess on smart phones in mobile is no more a threat. It exists. On Tablets/phablets there is considerable real estate that is under utilized thanks to simple banner buys. What does it take to think beyond the banners?Metrics: App studios have mastered the LTV of their users and the situation has infact gone overboard with Apple being forced to settle out of court on purchases by children. In this context - should we be happy with CTRs or engagement rates? Real time optimization, dynamic media mix, connected device metrics what should be the path ahead? 

Denis Yu


how china social media eco system will develop in the future

there're a lot of players in social media eco system: users, media, opinion leaders, agencies, 3rd tools provider, advertisers.  In China, Social Media owners invest a lot and raised huge userbase. They help agencies and opiton leaders make a lot of money without bring themself too much financial value.  This system is not sustainable. Let's picture how this eco system should / would evolve and finnally reach a balance point among all parties in the game. 

William Bao Bean

Softbank China & India

Why Startups and Agencies dont get along

Startups and Agencies rarely speak the same language, and who knows what the Media people are saying....  Lets sit down, put all our cards on the table and try and hash out a way forward.  And if we cant achieve that at least we will all contribute our best war stories on what we have seen and what NOT to do.  Join Sam Flemming from CIC and Steven Hu from InGameAd who will share their experiences

Arpusara (Pat) Songkavijit

TNS Research International (Thailand) limited

Love rectangle TV + PC + Mobile + Tablet

The relationship among four screens is complicated. Could we separate them? Or we need to find linkage and maintain relationship among four parties. Key point is 'consumer'. They are on and offline. Sometimes they are on four devices at the same time. How can we keep relationship with them by not letting them think we bombard them?

Edward Bray


Social Media for Business Transformation

Increasingly organizations are looking to social media for help in transforming the way they operate.
What are the key considerations when thinking about a social strategy and what areas of your business stand to benefit?

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