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James Fergusson


The digital future of the PC...reinvented or killed by mobile?

Across the world mobile phones are the “must have device” – the device most owned and the device people are most likely to purchase next. Mobile phones have reached critical mass faster than any other technology device in history.
Digital access in the Emerging Markets is increasing exponentially. Much of this growth is being driven by people accessing the Internet via mobile phones. However it is not just in rapid growth or emerging markets where digital is going mobile

Amrita Randhawa

How do we leverage mobile for business and brand health gains ... really?

Every year I sit through at least one presentation which says this is the year of mobile. Yet clients and my own peers seem to lag when it comes to adopting mobile as a serious tool in the marketing arsenal. Even mobile 1.0 applications like sms aren't used nearly to the level they can be. How do we convince ourselves, our clients that this is a valuable tool and finally start diverting dollars here? How do we measure ROI and reassure clients on the returns on investment? Would love to hear

Gwendolyn Regina Tan

Ripple Effect of Media, Entrepreneurship Ecosystems and Startup Cultures

  Pick any random person in Asia, and this persons will mostly likely know what CNN, Forbes, FastCompany are. Pick any random person in the US, and they will most likely be clueless as to what ChannelNewsAsia is.
The strength and maturity of the media ecosystems differ greatly when comparing the US and Southeast Asia. The Ripple Effect of a simple media mention in the former is much greater when compared to the latter. Without a strong media pillar, healthy and strong entrepreneurship e

Eric Schuldenfrei

Intelligent Cities: Addressing China's Urban Billion

In the coming decades China will need to house an estimated billion inhabitants in its cities. As more infrastructure is created for these future urban cores, is there room to reinvent the common billboard? Advertising infrastructure accounts for a tremendous amount of the visual noise in the city – should this be radically altered, so instead of answering one task, it satisfies two or three? An example of this might be a natural, verdant billboard advertisement that also grows vegetation

Amnart Treenarat

Nation Group

Online Market Insights:Thailand

Many persons would like to know or have small session that delves into the digital trends prevalent within the emerging markets of Thailand . The small session should cover key issues such as:
• How the top local brands in these markets are allocating their budget spend for digitally integrated campaigns
• Understanding the influence cultural trends have on the way the target audience of these markets consume digital media.
• Showcasing how multichannel marketing budge

Andrew Stockwell

Forrester Research

Agile Commerce

Your global customers continue to want things faster, better, cheaper, and with a higher degree of service. And, technology makes it possible for them to get what they want, where they want, any time they want. They want to engage with brands and conduct commerce across the plethora of touchpoints they employ in their daily lives.Welcome to Era of Agile Commerce. Let's engage in open, facilitated discussion determining how clients, and specifically eBusiness/eCommerce profe

Matthew Brosenne

CSM Media Research

Silo Busting: Single Source 2 Screen Measurement

Nothing worth doing is ever easy and our single source work has been exceedingly difficult, which we believe indicates this is very much worth doing :-) !Our session is all about having a conversation.  We'll talk a bit about what we've done but more importantly hear from you about what you think about it.  From there we'll talk about what's next and how we (advertisers, media owners, media agencies, retailers, research companies e

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