The agenda for Stream Africa 2018 is in your hands. There are six session times a day, hosted in nine different meeting spaces. Each session runs for 1 hour (give or take) and all sessions are led by you, the Stream participants. Here's how it works:

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Joanne Bate

Can we use sustainable small business development to solve water crisis in South Africa

Currently alien vegetation is using more than 6% of our water at source (increasing annually). Could private sector support bring efficiency and effectiveness to work for water programme by creating commercial demand for plants harvested and creating sustainable small business opportunities.

Kambe Mwaba

The Green Generation: Do Millennials worry more, but do less?

Thanks to the internet and mobile technology, the Millennial generation has more information, outlets of expression and power to drive global environmental change than any generation that has come before. For marketers and brands, understanding Millennials and how this translates into action is the real question...

Elmari Swart

Can I Tweet in private?

Today, every conversation, every post and every brand has an audience. With the growth of the digital world, is there a "private" space left to talk? And should there be? How do we balance accountability and social justice police; or big data advertising and the right to privacy?

Janine Beukes

TO BEE or not TO BEE...that's the question!

Does BEE rank over skill/experience? Are we spending more time making sure we comply to BEE ? Are the right measures put in place in companies to drive this from within? Or are we just ticking a box Are we able to influence the criteria more to make a difference in actually driving more career developments/enhancements/upskilling?

Brenda Khumalo

As leaders in the marketing and advertising industry , do we believe we are doing our part in sorting out some of the countries problems?

For some of us SA is the only place we will ever call home, because we don't have citizenship elsewhere. So the question is , how can we make it better, knowing all the problems we are faced with - from the shocking youth unemployment rate, to rural schooling conditions and poverty. How can we contribute?

Ian Utermohlen

Making SA safe for our visitors

 Tourism is a key sector for South Africa – driving transformation, employment and economic growth.  For the seventh consecutive year, the global travel and tourism sector has outperformed the global economy. In 2017 it was the fastest growing broad economic sector globally, showing stronger growth than all sectors including manufacturing (4.2%), retail and wholesale (3.4%), agriculture, forestry and fisheries (2.6%) and financial services (2.5%).  Global research shows that for every 30 tourists, one new job is created (World Economic Forum (WEF): Travel and Tourism competitiveness report 2017).  Tourism is one of the country’s most vibrant and exciting spheres of the economy to operate in.  Tourism supports some 700 000 direct jobs in South Africa, with 1 in 23 employed individuals working in South Africa’s tourism sector.  Tourism in South Africa contributes 3% directly to GDP. When all the related industries that feed into the tourism ecosystem are factored in, the figures are much higher. > Key ISSUE > How do we make SA safer to encourage visitors to our country?

David Smollan


Are you afraid to have a conversation about big data?

Too much talk of data lakes vs databases, AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure, AI and bots? When you throw it all together it sounds really impressive but do you actually know what it means? If you are not exactly sure and want to have a beginners conversation without feeling blunt then join us...

Nick Terry

Take me to your Leader! Who the #$@& is really in charge?

Lets build a profile of the ideal Leader required for the future based on what we know in 2018. A vigorous debate please on what we have today and what we need tomorrow! We will consider technology, gender, politics, economy, education, and all the sensitive stuff. No holds barred, all speakers heard but absolutely no hecklers allowed.....

Tshepang Louw

Is advertising dead or dying

reflection on advertising today

Brent Spilkin

The 7 threats to advertising agencies

based off a Keynote on the non-direct threats to agencies globally, this covers the blind-side risks to the future of creative agencies.

Glenn Gillis

Serious Games ....are agencies / clients taking them seriously?

Serious Games: Yes they could take longer and might cost more to make than you think, but they can be more nuanced, more measurable and create deeper engagement with your audience. Around the world they are gaining traction as another critical tool to share brand experiences and build long term trusted communities. Discuss 300 points.

Leko Nkabinde

The 6000 hour learning gap-why expanded learning matters

The reality for South African youth is that only 45% of kids who start Grade 1 finish Grade 12. 78% of kids can not read for comprehension by Grade 4. For every year in a government school, kids lose on average a half grade. By Grade 8, they are generally at a Grade 4 level. Can extended learning opportunities be a solution?

Glenn Gillis

Why AR and VR could really change the world.

We're all talking disruption, but what does that really mean and why could new immersive technologies like AR and VR drive these changes? The history of technology has always been about HOW we tell our stories, but the WHY hasn't changed since the beginning of time: Namely for social, entertainment, educational and commercial reasons. AR and VR will ask us to reach across these verticals and learn lessons from each, to drive truly engaging experiences. For example, entertainment is largely a voluntary activity, but marketing mostly has not been! But Opt In, Experience and Content Marketing are all giving us clues to how people would want to engage with our brands. With VR this challenge is going to be profound because as brands we'll literally need to be invited into our users space, and we'll have to let go of some long held beliefs if we're really going to create valuable communities. "Making the logo bigger" truly is dead.

Yaron Assabi

Identity management and Digital Resilience in a connected world

Over the past few decades the world has witnessed a massive digital transformation. Businesses began moving their value-generating engines to interconnected systems and putting greater reliance on internet communication. Employees began using mobile and are always connected . The discussion will uncover the risk and opportunities of identity management and digital resilience

Enola Maina

ROI on the different media landscapes

Whilst there exist various mediums for marketing and communication eg radio, TV, social media etc. How can we effectively measure the success of these campaigns? I know this has possibly been discussed for years but really, beyond impressions, reach, GRPs, views how can we measure the success of a campaign and how does that success tie in with direct sales? The costs of the campaigns are often quite high- are these measures (reach , impressions, GRP's) enough to justify ROI?

Palak Radia

AI Reshaping Business Startegies

How long till all companies see the benefit and value of implementing this within their core strategies. Brave ideas that used to be hard to believe, are becoming real. The constant development of machine learning and AI technologies will make every business become data-driven, and every industry smarter.

Randolf Jorberg


Weed business

The legalization of Marihuana opens up a whole new industry. What can customers expect and how can you participate?

Ewoudt Cloete

The ever-widening gap between Digital Marketing Practice and Academics

The discrepancy between what Educational institutions are teaching Digital Marketing students and the actual knowledge and skillets they require to be successful in the industry seems to be escalating at an alarming rate. What are the most obvious gaps between Digital Marketing Practice and Academics, and what measures should educational institutions take to better equip their graduates for the real world of Digital Marketing?

Jonathan Ratcliffe

Where is the greatest advertising value for money found today

In a world where reaching people in different mediums can cost vastly different amounts of money, where is the greatest value found. Which costs more, a 30 sec social media video or a magazine ad or a TV ad and which offers more value at that price? There is a perception that these are perfectly priced markets but that is most certainly not the case. This session would aim to debate where the most underpriced attention can be found in the SA market today.

Arthur Goldstuck

Vision 2028: Meet the future

What we can expect from technology, business and society in the year 2028, how to forecast it, how to prepare for it, and when to panic.

Brett Loubser

Will A.I. be the last invention of humanity?

Artificial Intelligent frameworks will supersede human level capabilities in almost all domains within the next 50 years. If this comes to pass, what does it mean for human creativity, human drive and our reason for being?

Lauren Daniel

Restructuring the way we educate our ADD creative brains

How do we relook and rework the archaic education model in SA schools and tertiary institutions (built in 1970), to cater for the mind of the ADD creative brain. Why are our creative education schools still lecturing in a classroom environment and wondering why absenteeism is the highest its ever been?

Colin Iles

Moonshot Thinking - How to solve the massive problems.

Participants will be asked to solve huge problems, with radical solutions using breakthrough technologies. The model is based on Google's Moonshot's in a box card game (which is not currently made available to the general public.). How would you solve for more affordable housing, using hover boards? How would you improve education using recycled shipping containers? We might just solve a global problem. And if we don't, everyone will be able to apply the methodology back at their own organisations to solve business problems big and small.

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