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Simon Robinson

Harnessing the disruptive technology of drones

Let's demystify drones and discuss their relevance to you, your business, your customer and society. The reality of this exponential disruptive technology is that you have to embrace it - its growing so fast and has so many applications that you can't afford not too. We've been doing it for a few years now so come along and learn from our mistakes and successes! See you at 11am on Thursday.

Hollie Hepburn

With the rise of AI, what year will the Skynet takeover become a reality?

Yes, as in Terminator. Support your answer with insights and trends to justify.

Will Green

Afro-Innovation: Come Share & Hear some of Africa's best Tech Innovations

Vula Mobile is improving health care in rural Africa. Start Up/Tech 'A' is helping community 'B' in country 'C'.... Come Share your ABC's...

Candice Blumenthal

"Buyability" - How we buy and sell

As a strategist you need to be a specialist in the art and psychology of buyability because your role is to shape the creative product into something that is buyable - both by our clients and by the end consumer. The field of "buyability" draws on thinking from motivational research, behavioural science and even user experience design. Let's understand how we buy and sell

Pierre Cassuto

Content > When shit hits the fans

Our languages and our words influence how we construe the world around us. "Content" brings every act of creation to an equal base level. Investigative journalism = GoT episodes = #MCM tweets = my sister vomiting rainbows on Snapchat = Trump vomiting on Twitter = "Content". "Content" is a fitting meta description but so is "stuff" or "crap". Media suffers because of "content"; democratic societies suffer because of "content"; so do marketers and businesses that invest blindly in it. Let's discuss how we can fix this. Now get off my timeline!

Jibolu Ayodele

The CUSTOMER is ALWAYS Right or.....ARE THEY?!?

In a world where consumer insights are becoming ever so important, companies are increasingly embracing "crowdsourcing" as a way to determine product assortment and even predict sales. Is this a sustainable strategy? Let's discuss!!

Karlien Kriegler

Using AI to eradicate poverty

I am very tired of seeing sensationalist articles in my LinkedIn feed about how robots and AI will take over our jobs. Lets rather share ideas around how AI can be useful.

Ntombenhle Khathwane

Afromillennials, what makes them tick?

Millennials are thee consumer group that most brands are battling to appeal to. Let’s unpack afromillennials and how they differ from their USA and European counterparts and how brands can best position themselves to appeal to this big group of consumers in the age of the influencer and social media.

John Beale

Procurement killed the advertising star

Is procurement going to kill the creativity and replace us with robots? What are the positives and negatives of strong procurement led marketing departments, and what should we be doing to keep creativity, our best people, and our best work, alive!

Andrew Kramer

Digital is Dead Long Live Digital

Lets deal with the hot topic of Digital third party verification. Then try agree on a standard and who should pay.

Stephany Brewer

Kantar Insights AME

Stereotyping is alive and well!

Are stereotypical portrayals of gender, family, race and nationality really such a bad thing? Where does the line start blurring?

Kieran Duggan

Artificial Intelligence: possibilities and limitations, a look inside the black box of machine learning

Advances in machine learning in recent years has improved how we are able to aggregate and derive value from big datasets, group data and identify pattens. How can these advances be made immediately useful to those of us with big datasets available? What are the possibilities now that we have made a large leap? What are the limitations we face in applying the state of the art in machine learning? What is inside the ML "blackbox"? Join as we explore how it works, what the possibilities are, where the limitations lie, and what it means for the world we live in.

Benjamin Faes

How Cloud computing can jump start the continent to best in class

Cloud computing is revolutionizing access to best in class computing and use of Artificial intelligence giving everyone the same tools as the large multinational companies.

Will Green

Can Blockchain Technologies with Cryptocurrencies impact Marketers in the future?

Crypto... what, Blockchain... huh! You're in good company here!

Wayne Wilson

Beating the All Blacks!

We all want our teams going into every pitch knowing they are going to win, a bit like the All Blacks. How do we breed that winning culture within an organisation and what makes people stay? I know what works for us, lets compare notes.

Andre de Wet

The 4th Industrial ...something or other...

Come and discuss the affect it will have on us, on others. And can someone please come and explain the 2nd and 3rd revolutions and how we got to 4. Let's discuss outcomes and how to prepare - and help others to prepare, cause it is coming and we need to be ready. Opportunity awaits.

Randell Maree

How to entice merchants to a new e-commerce platform

This is a selfish information-finding exercise to explore possibilities for a new e-commerce platform that brings merchants on-board who have no or little understanding of the Internet and social media and to provide them with free listings for their products in exchange for a percentage of revenue when their products are sold via the site. That said, I believe that the topic can evolve into a very interesting discussion. Some points that can be included can be: How do you market to merchants who currently don't really use the Internet? How detailed should the agreement with them be so as to not scare them off? How do you launch a website to serve as a proof-of-concept to attract new merchants without losing credibility with prospective customers due to the initial lack of density of products?

Randell Maree

Sculpting with technology - Q&A with top local sculptors

Last year, we explored how technology is used to scale sculptures to unimaginable sizes. We even demonstrated this at the conference via live-streaming of the production of a 7-meter tall sculpture that we assembled at the event! This year we want to explore other ways that technology is used in the production of sculptures. How does this affect the artist? What possibilities are there for the future for art as a result? I will have a panel of local renowned sculptors available to answer questions from the audience. Their art will be on exhibition at the conference to serve as discussion points.

Mineze Grobler

Pinkifying tech - Igniting girls' interest in & passion for coding

Working within coding I often get asked what we're doing to include more girls and I wish it was as simple as making the logo pink and sprinkling some Tinkerbell dust. Most times, I'm left feeling discouraged and disappointed by the lack of female representation in tech. Let's use this platform to discuss what parents. teachers and industry can do to promote equality in coding.

Ryan Parkhurst

Ethics & Neuromarketing: should we give a shit?

The power to subconsciously influence behavior/decision making by applying neuroscience principles provides marketers with the ability to grossly influence decision making - from the most educated to the least. We'll explore neuroscience basics, how the brain works and, unpack the unintended consequences of widespread use of Neuromarketing.

Yaron Assabi

Permission Marketing

We all want to be treated differently and get personal service. Digital and Mobile Marketing is becoming more contextual and relevant with the advent of technology innovation , such as geo fencing , artificial intelligence and omni channel attribution analysis . How do we avoid consumers feeling that we are invading their privacy as we aim to get to know them better and give them more of what they want ? How do we increase the level of permission and opt in ? How do we create the balance between getting the right message at the right time and customers opting out because they feel violated ?

Warren Harding

Marketing with fake news: A risky game to play?

In a world of post-truth and alternative facts. A world where the public believe what they want to believe, and discard everything else. What impact does this have on marketing? Is marketing ever fake news, or vice versa? Does fake news spell opportunity for Brands?

Jian Camara Reis

How do you protect internal disruption from the corporate immune system?

Any big corporate nowadays is trying to disrupt itself in effort to 10x growth, improve efficiencies and expand to new markets before smaller, more agile upstarts come and disrupt it. The challenge is that these disruption efforts are typically under pressure from the corporate immune system; subject to onerous governance and legacy processes and thinking that choke whatever innovation is being fostered. How are SA and international corporates successfully creating spaces within their organisations where digital disruption is encouraged, nurtured and protected from the corporate immune system?

Benjamin Schoderer

How can Stream help fix South Africa?

We all know the dire state of affairs in South Africa 2017. Junk Status, corruption, unhealthy politics etc. Yet the most common responses in SA seem to be "Nothing I can do" accompanied by a lot of moaning, a Zumamustfall hashtag or something similar, almost always coming from a negative mindset. Surely with all the high profile influential leaders attending Stream we can come up with something POSITIVE that can make an impact, for instance in the education space? Looking forward to discussing some ideas (don't come to complain).

Lana Strydom

Talking to Tobi, bots and customer service

Where do bots fit into the customer service ecosystem? What are the baseline requirements for customers to feel comfortable interacting? What does the technology stack look like? Will bots really reduce service cost over time?

Howard Sackstein

What the heck is going on....unravelling South African Politics using a Facebook Messenger Research Bot

As the race to lead the ANC hots up - South Africa sits dangerously on a precipice - they say "fools and prophets predict the future" - and I'm certainly not a prophet... Having once been Executive Director of the IEC and now working on the Ramaphosa campaign, I want to try share a little insight into what's happening in the ANC leadership race, and the 2019 General Elections. If you promise not to share I will show you some amazing polling research not available to the public.... The research was conducted using a Facebook Messenger Research Bot called Ratepop with more than 6 800 respondents.

Craig Corte

Is Capitalism obsolete?

will the current economic system undermine itself - thoughts from keynote by Yannis Varoufakis

May Lalloo

The Silicone Valley of Europe - Learning's from Amsterdam

Netherlands is one of the five most competitive economies in the world. It's largest country, Amsterdam is quickly becoming one of the hottest global start-up destinations. Both at a public and private level, entrepreneurship and innovation are being prioritised. I had the opportunity to attend a tech and design leadership program with Popimedia and the En-novate group. I will share some of my learnings and the start-ups that we visited during the program.

Stephany Zoo

China and Africa: What's next?

Given Belt and Road, we know what China in Africa means for infrastructure and development, but what does it mean for media and tech?

Floris Buys

South Africa 2050

What does South Africa look like in 2050? The economy? Unemployment? Education? Innovation? Global competitiveness? How do we create the future we want?

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