Alongside discussions we run a series of hands on workshops, from drawing class, to weaving. All workshops are suggested and run by attendees. Sign up below to add an idea for a workshop - either something you would like to TEACH - or something you would like to LEARN. All ideas welcome and basic equipment can be provided.

Nicole Biondi

Childhood by Design Living Lab

Harness the power of your ideas and creativity to co-imagine everyday places being transformed into engaging spaces. A Living Lab sparks the creation and movement of ideas to improve outcomes for our youngest children and their families. This Living Lab breakaway session will address the challenge of using design to reimagine everyday spaces as engaging spaces for all young children. Focused on the end-user (children and parents) and using human-centered design principles, we will develop new ideas for better aligned, collective action between the early childhood field, creative industries, design, placemaking, and architecture. Questions this session will consider include: How can creatives help create better everyday places for children and families? How can we leverage architecture, urban design, and placemaking with what we know about how place and the built environment impact young children and their families to improve outcomes? How can cities and neighborhoods take account of children in their planning? How do we create places that encourage all people to value the culture of childhood and to prioritize the experience of growing up?

Reshaad Sha

Build an IoT Device

I could teach participants how to build a very basic IoT device using a development kit and integrating a few sensors. I can also provide about 20 development kits for this activity.


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