Midnight Cooking Madness

Time for our budding Jamie Olivers and Nigellas of the high-tech industry to strut their stuff at the grill or the wok.

Sign up to cook at Stream's best late night party and impress everyone with your culinary genius. If you have a great recipe for a midnight snack or want to show off your family's age-old treat, this is the activity for you. How to get involved:

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Nikki Harding

Ice Cream Sundaes

Cool, creamy ice cream and warm, gooey sauce combine to make an indulgent summer treat!

Simon Spurr

The Mexican Standoff

Who can resist the spicy delight of a Mexican burrito at midnight?

Karlien Kriegler

Purple Risotto

Beetroot, Goats cheese and walnut risotto fit for a queen.

Marquis Brown

American Bread Pudding and Ice Cream

white bread butter eggs milk white sugar cinnamon vanilla pods (or, *worst case* vanilla extract) vanilla ice cream *none of this has been "fitted" based on # of guests

Michael Stofberg

Killer Fillet Rolls with chimichurri

A good ole Fillet Roll with Argentinian Chimichurri

Natalie Otte

Holiday Cheer

To bring holiday cheer, we will be whipping something up from a mystery box!

Floris Buys

Aubergines Ta Kioupa

The aubergines are slow-baked for six hours, skinned and cut. Then add whipped cream, pecan nuts, lemon, diced sweet pepper, olive oil, feta cheese, salt and pepper.

Floris Buys


Freshly cut cubes of raw tuna or salmon, combined with soy sauce, sesame oil, sea salt flakes, fresh diced chillies, sweet onion and seaweed (or substitute with lemon grass).

Chad Hudson

Badass Buffalo Wings

Beer and wings, an age-old combo! Super crispy, extra tangy, with a hint of fire.

Rudi Nienaber

Braai'ed lamb chops

If you've been to Stream Africa before, you'll know that Smollan braais chops. Some of the Karoo's finest, marinaded in Dave Smollan's secret concoction that may or may not be soya and balsamic, cooked over hardwood coals.


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