Ignite Talks

What's an Ignite talk? Four minutes on stage to talk about an idea, an interest or a passion. Our version is 15 slides that rotate automatically after 15 seconds. It's fun, it's fast, and the format forces you to really think about what you want to say.

Game? Let us know asap. This event fills up every year, so the only way to confirm a slot is to post your idea title and brief summary below.

To do a great Ignite talk, tell us about something you're passionate about, something that others should know, or some unique bit of knowledge or insight that you can impart. (And please don't do a pitch or your company creds)

Warren Harding

Collins Dictionary 2017 Word or the Year

This Orwellian coinage defines its moment, according to leading lexicographers.

Philip Walton

Scratching at Fleas in a Den of Lions

How do we reconcile the western concept of innovation (the ideas that get the most funding) from the problems of frontier markets (the solutions that most impact human lives)?

Jurgita Stasiukaityte

How the Trip to Siberian Taiga Helped Me to [Re]connect

Why would anyone go to Siberia? It is cold, remote, wild and vast, and full of mosquitos. Doesn’t sound like an ideal holiday destination, huh? In this Ignite talk I will share a story of how the trip to Siberia changed my entire life and some important lessons learned along the way.

Benjamin Schoderer

Cultural differences and why they it's important to recognise them

Tales of a German living in South Africa

Brett Lowe

To the Bottom of the Top

My experiences climbing to Everest Base Camp in 2016

Bryony Martin

Come fly with me

Ignite talk... details to be confirmed

Carolina Odman

Why Machine Learning works as well as it does.

It's basically physics. It can be mathematically proven that the reason all our ML and AI works as well as it does comes down to a neat feature of the real world. Don't worry, I won't drag you through a mathematical proof, but I'll talk you through the cool principle behind it and I hope that after 4 minutes, you'll agree that the universe is even more awesome than we'd imagined.

Tarryn Knight

All Pole Dancers are Strippers

With pole fitness/sport/dancing on the road to becoming an Olympic Sport, this topical perception should be addressed. As both a pole dancer and business professional myself, I believe I am well positioned to present the reasons why all pole dancers are indeed strippers.

Floris Buys

Archaeoastronomical explanation for the star of Bethlehem

All of us has heard the Christmas story of 3 wise men following a star to Bethlehem. Using state of the art planetarium software that calculates the positions of all the solar system objects at any moment in time, I will present a plausible archaeoastronomical explanation for this seemingly fictional story.

Mineze Grobler

Brogrammers, it's time to make way for girl(y) coders

The number of women in the tech (and science) industries is still alarmingly low and it's not due to a lack of trying. Why aren't our girls kicking ass and taking names while climbing the coding ladder? As a "girl coder", I have some ideas why and I hope you agree.


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