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Stream is a family-style event known as an “unconference”, which means everyone, including you (!) contributes to the agenda. We’ll run a handful of main stage Luminary Talks, but the majority of each day will be taken up by one-hour sessions, known as Discussions, suggested and lead by you, the participants. 

Previous topics include: “How far can HealthTech really go?”; “We need permanent rebellion”; “Complacency: the cancer of humanity”; “We don't know how the sharing economy will affect your business, but we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night”; “PUTTING THE SOCIAL INTO SELLING”; “David and Goliath, who'll win?” and “My Gen Z kid doesn't believe in brands or shopping together anymore”.
In the mornings and the evenings, we’ll run a variety of social and sporting activities; ranging from cooking dinner together, PPTX Karaoke for the consummate talkers, drone flying and time for you meet and talk to your fellow guests without an agenda. Read more about the activities here, or add your idea for a Discussion topic here
Wednesday 16 October
12-4pm Arrivals, registration & lunch
2-4pm Workshops & drone flying
4pm Welcome drinks
5pm Preview show
8pm BBQ on the Lawn
9pm Ignite talks
11pm Stream cinema
Thursday 17 October
7:30-9am Breakfast, health & wellness
7.30am Pitch breakfast
9:30am Discussion slot 1
10:30am Discussion slot 2
11:30am In conversation with Caroline Craido-Perez, journalist, activist and author of Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Discussion slot 3
3pm Discussion slot 4
4pm In conversation with WPP CEO, Mark Read
5pm Sports, activities and demos
7pm Drinks
8pm Dinner
9pm Extravaganza
11pm Midnight cooking madness
11:30pm Stream cinema
Friday 18 October
7:30-9am Breakfast, health & wellness
9:30am Discussion slot 5
10:30am Discussion slot 6
11:30am Mainstage: David Rowan on ‘non-bullshit innovation’ and the perils/lessons for transforming your organisation
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Discussion slot 8
3pm Discussion slot 9
4pm Mainstage: Oxford University take on WPP. The battle of the brains – what is creativity today? Debate!
5pm The pitch show
8pm Stream party
Saturday 19 October
From 5am Departures
7:30am Breakfast