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The Pitch

Join our Dragons Den for social good – and crack a charity focused brief in just 3-days. This year we have partnered with Project AWARE, to apply the best minds at Stream to the challenge of plastics in the oceans.
The Challenge:
Project AWARE owns the largest international, underwater marine-debris database, which can help communities and policymakers make informed decisions around waste reduction and management policies. How do we communicate the value of this data to policy makers, and attract a new wave of community action?
Over the last 27 years, Project AWARE’s community has developed a huge database of information about the waste footprint of communities through citizen science initiatives such as Dive against Debris.
It is now the largest underwater marine debris database worldwide, with the potential to help communities and policymakers make informed decisions around waste reduction and management policies.  The data today can be accessed through Project Aware’s website.
Project AWARE is keen that any ideas take into account how to tangibly measure success, and ideally align this to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically Goal 14 – Life Below Water, and successfully decrease and manage land waste. How their program links to the SDGs can be found here.
The long term vision is for Project AWARE’s data is to act as the key indicator of success in waste management for governments and local communities to inform and promote meaningful behavioural change - stopping marine debris at the source.
As a thought starter, Project Aware has provided a case study where this data has already delivered amazing outcomes: Vanuatu
How to get involved:
1. Join a team or create one. Get in touch with the Pitch Director here. You can also join a team on site by signing up on the board
2. Meet your team. Join the Pitch breakfast on Thursday 9am and start to devise your solution over the next 2 days
3. Pitch your idea. The pitch will take place in front of a full-house audience and all-star line-up of Dragons, including WPP CEO, Mark Read.
You have 2 minutes to convince the panel and the audience yours is the winning solution. Previous ideas have won funding on the spot and corporate support, and we are actively looking for ideas to put in action.

Any questions? Got an idea for a challenge? Get in touch here.