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Stream Europe Wildcard


For ten years now, WPP has invited a small group of friends and partners for three days of conversation, on the shores of Marathon, Greece. Hosted in the scenic, but basic, former Club Med, Stream Europe is the antithesis of the formally programmed conference. Instead, we bring together everyone from start-up CEOs and rising stars within WPP to marketers, VCs, social entrepreneurs, publishers, academics, film-makers and media types to debate the future of technology and creativity. WIRED has called it ‘one of the world’s best technology conferences’ though it’s neither a conference nor entirely about technology.

Stream Europe works because its success depends entirely on those attending - so it’s by invitation only.

Until now.

To enter, send a tweet to @WPPStream that includes the best creative use of technology you have seen (or made) in the last year and #WILDCARD.

Submit your entries via Twitter to @WPPStream #wildcard #wppstream

Deadline: 31 August 2018.

Good luck! And we look forward to seeing you in Greece.

“It was by far the best conference I’ve been to since The Chelmsford Warhammer Convention in 1994”Mark Adams, VICE