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Stream 2014

Stream 2014 has been!

Thank you to everyone who took part and made Stream 2014 possible.

The next Stream will be the first Stream Africa (10-13 December, Capetown).

Keep up to date by following @WPPStream or get in touch if you want to hear more about next year’s event.

What they said about Stream 2014...

"One of the world’s best technology conferences" WIRED Magazine

"Stream out-Googles Google events in creating a fantastic, informal environment for sharing ideas and connections" James Rosenthal, Google

"TED meets tech inspiringly"
Charlie Hiscocks, SABMiller

"Passionate people, inspiring ideas, unmissable!" Alex Dinsdale, Unilever

"Un-missable collective brilliance for digital"
Devin Moore, Bacardi

"The most inspiring event of the year"
Craig Corte, Kagiso Media

"A triumph of an event"
Jim Prior, The Partners

"The best conference of the year" Chris Schaumann, Microsoft

Jack Haber, Colgate

"An AMAZING experience. It was such a great opportunity to make friends, and be exposed to thought leadership in everything digital, technology, and innovation"
Jerry Nicholls, SAP

"I've calculated that I have attended close to 150 conferences over the past ten years. This event was by far the best yet. Congrats to the entire team for putting on such an incredible (un)conference. I cant wait for the next one."Jonathan Levitt, Sonic Boom

"OMG, Stream was amazing” Buzzfeed